While many women think that layered bob hairstyles feature some visible disconnection and shorter pieces in the back, the cut can be done in many ways using different techniques to create various effects. Some layered ‘dos actually seem blunt, as they come with internal layers to deliver a seamless feel. And we have a gallery of 40 photos here to help you discover the perfect bob.

Should You Get a Blunt or Layered Bob?

When deciding between a blunt or layered bob, consider your hair type and desired finish. A blunt bob, with its even, straight-across cut, offers a sleek and polished appearance that works well for straight hair, providing a structured look that’s easy to maintain. It’s ideal if you are seeking a sharp, modern aesthetic without much daily styling.

On the other hand, a layered bob introduces texture and movement with varying lengths throughout the hair, making it a great choice for thin or fine hair types. Layers can add volume and dimension, giving the bob a softer, more relaxed feel that can be styled in different ways, from tousled waves to smooth flips.

Adding layers in bobs is also ideal for thick hair because it helps reduce bulk and weight, allowing for easier styling and better movement. The layers add texture, accentuating the natural volume of thick hair for a lighter, more manageable style.

However, layered bobs may require more frequent trims to maintain their shape and can sometimes require more styling effort to achieve a defined look. Ultimately, what hairstyle you choose depends on your personal style preference and how much time you’re willing to invest in styling and upkeep.

1. Shaggy Lob with Bangs

This gal rocks her shaggy lob with full and dense bangs that are handsomely chopped to add up to the sliced lengths. The softly tousled, wavy texture adds volume and movement and enhances the effortless, casual vibe of this trendy look.

Sliced Layered Bob With Full Bangs

via @salsalhair

2. Wavy Long Bob

This wavy long bob features a mix of loose, beachy waves and a subtle, side-swept part, adding volume and a touch of glamour. This style is particularly flattering for round and oval face shapes, as it elongates the face beautifully.

Long Bob With Balayage For Round Faces

via @redbloomsalon

3. Bob with Layered Bangs

Darker roots will make your hair appear thicker, while the big picture is still blonde. Plus, these layered wispy bangs help conceal any thin areas.

Blonde Wispy Bob For Thin Hair

via @salsalhair

4. Rounded Bob

Boasting tons of built-in volume, this thick mane gains lightness and movement thanks to added layers on top that resonate with a side fringe. Thick hair is where layering shines, removing excess bulk and giving your ‘do a more streamlined appearance.

Lob With Layers And A Side Fringe

via @kathybundrick

5. Layered Bob for Fine Hair

The trendy wavy lob is anything but flat due to the textured lengths, styled casually to enhance movement and brightened up with a color transition. A softly layered bob cut that hits the collarbone level will suit any face shape and hair type, while you can wear it wavy or messy in line with hot beach-y and bedhead trends.

Trendy Textured Wavy Lob

via @amrahkennedy

6. Stacked Bob with Bangs

This inverted bob boasts a clean shape with steep elongation to the front but it’s also seamlessly layered and textured for a fuller feel and vibe. It can be paired with bangs if you like more face framing.

Steep Inverted Textured Bob

via @sanja_carica_karasman

7. Tapered Stacked Bob

The stacked bob is a go-to option for those who want to get guaranteed dimension on the crown. A darker hue at the nape makes the cut even juicier.

Darker Blonde Stacked Bob

via @carlylouisehair

8. Neck-Length Bob

If you are over 60, it’s a great idea to refresh your classic chin-length bob with a bit of layering and an edgy fringe. A neck-length bob with a fringe perfectly complements glasses by framing the face and drawing attention to the eyes.

Chin-Length Bob With A Fringe Over 60

via @isabellemolina_stuhr

9. Bob with Textured Layers

We adore choppy bobs, and this one is really cute with its lived-in color and one-length feel, while radiating texture through the razored ends. Ask your stylist for textured layers to make the hairstyle appear fuller and more dynamic.

Choppy Bob With Razored Ends

via @anhcotran

10. Short Curly Bob

Ear-Length Curly Bob With A Side Part

via @curlmaestro

With short bobs, you have tons of options with layering, including hot hairstyles with shorter face-framing layers, choppy ends, beach-y waves and a slightly longer front. And this curly hair is boosted by an ear-length bob with a side part and airy, bouncy curls, swooping across the face.

11. Medium Bob with Layers

When sliced for boosted texture and layered for a better lift, fine locks may seem scarce. This mix of light-brown and blonde brings in depth for a fuller feel.

Sliced Wavy Bob For Fine Hair

via @evolvehairstudiotoronto

12. Bob with Curtain Bangs

The reddish bob comes with fringe that is reminiscent of the iconic Brigitte Bardot look with sexy bangs, getting longer to the temples and then blending with side locks. It’s a nice choice for anyone who wants to frame the face and open the neck without sacrificing too much length.

Reddish Layered Bob With Sexy Bangs

via @martyymcflyyy

13. Shaggy Layers Bob

A modern version of the shaggy bob is all about texture and movement, which can be spiced up by a glossy golden shade of red. Use a texturizing spray to enhance the natural waves and add definition, then tousle with your fingers for an effortless finish.

Glossy Red Shaggy Bob

via @taylarpickettstyles

14. Angled Bob

This A-line cut delivers an on-trend bedhead look, while keeping the hair light and voluminous, also offering options for various styling. To create messy texture, alternate the direction of each section as you curl, leaving the ends straight for a tousled, undone look.

A-Line Shaggy Bedhead Bob

via @styled_by_carolynn

15. Bob with Feathered Layers

But if you have straight hair, you can wear your angled bob with a sleeker styling – stacked layers in the back add dynamics anyway. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair in sections, ensuring to smooth out any waves or curls for a polished finish.

Stacked Angled Bob For Straight Hair

via @hairdresser_on_a_skateboard

16. Steeply Angled Bob

These thick tresses are scenic thanks to the subtle blinks of highlights that serve to emphasize the movement of layered pieces. A steeply angled bob suits oval, heart, and diamond face shapes, enhancing their features with its structured silhouette.

Inverted Layered Bob For Thick Hair

via @kendallxfire

17. Blunt Bob with Wispy Layers

Straight thin strands don’t require a curling wand to look textured and voluminous, when they’re skillfully razored and lifted at the roots. Use volumizing mousse or lightweight styling creams to add body and texture without weighing down the hair.

Razored Bob For Thin Hair

via @bri_claire_hair

18. Medium Curly Bob

Curly hair screams for layering to get a beautiful shape, while retaining its dimension. These ringlets have both shape and awesome bounce enhanced by highlights.

Curly Bronde Bob With Highlights

via @aadri.hair

19. A-Line Textured Bob

This wavy hairstyle features an precise shape, slightly angled towards the front. This cut goes well with fine soft waves, creating a delicate look.

Angled Soft Wavy Blonde Bob

via @ladyeastrock

20. Lob with Blended Layers

Here, fine straight tresses are handsomely layered to create a piece-y texture at the bottom and to keep the density on top. Blended layers work particularly well for finer hair because they create the illusion of volume and subtle texture throughout the hairstyle.

Layered Bob For Fine Straight Hair

via @scottywilliamson

21. Short Undercut Bob

This short cut looks crisp thanks to its piece-y texture and full straight bangs that hit just below the brows to accentuate the eyes. If you have thick hair, try a shorter full fringe with a blunt, choppy or even jagged finish.

Crisp Piece-Y Short Bob Cut With Bangs

via @felixdesignstudio

22. Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Chin-length bobs work well with dense side-swept bangs on oval faces, giving them a nice frame without excessive elongation. Use a round brush and blow dryer to sweep them to one side while drying, then finish with a light hairspray for hold and smoothness.

Blonde Chin-Length Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

via @nicolekeenen

23. Choppy Bob

Though this above-the-shoulder length ‘do is styled wavy for better movement and dimension, it ties with the contrasting straight fringe, textured through the ends. Go for eyebrow-skimming length and choppy texture of your bangs to draw attention to your eyes.

Textured Wavy Bob With A Fringe

via @stevenjholien

24. Bob with Subtle Layers

This straight hair could be blunt and look blocky, but it’s actually finely textured to deliver a touchable effect. Paired with thick, textured bangs, it creates a cohesive look.

Straight Textured Bob With Bangs

via @anhcotran

25. Messy Layered Bob

When giving preference to messy styling, opt for long eye-grazing, yet wispy bangs. They can be easily air-dried and styled with a spritz of a texturizing product or hair spray.

Messy Bob With Eye-Grazing Bangs

via @andersonacouto

26. Short Graduated Bob

This weave hairstyle sparkles with an awesome custom color, enhancing the angled pieces of the stacked and heavily layered pixie bob. The soft curves and warm highlights lend this hairstyle a very feminine feel.

Pixie Bob Weave

via @hairbylatise

27. Short Bob with Swoopy Layers

A one-color cut can be fun too, like this cute short ‘do with an airy feathered finish and asymmetrical touch. Swoopy layers allow the hair to fall in soft, voluminous waves that enhance the overall thickness and body of the style.

Short Feathered Asymmetrical Hairstyle

via @360_hairstudio

28. Inverted Braided Bob

We do think that box braids packed into a distinct A-line shape are cool and eye-catching, oozing loads of texture, movement and volume. This shape ensures the braids intertwine smoothly and create a fuller, more intricate look.

A-Line Box Braids Bob

via @ctrenise_braids

29. Black Bob with Bangs and Layers

This relaxed hair is no less voluminous, coming with bangs, a two-tier shape and flipped out styling at the bottom. Note how bangs are blended into shorter layers on the crown for a harmonious look.

Short Two-Tier Cut With Bangs

via @salonpk

30. Twist Out Bob

If you’re an all natural African American gal, steal this lovely heart-shaped cut with tiny textured spirals, spiced up with subtle highlights. A customized cut will bring out your curl pattern and maintain the shape of your ‘do.

African American Short Natural Bob

via @sunflowersandscissors

31. Bob with Short Crown Layers

The stacked bob cut gives plenty of volume at the back and added lift on top, while razor-cut ends create some vibrant texture. Skillfully placed highlighlights will grant the cut extra dimension.

Stacked Razor-Cut Bob

via @hairbykatelynjean

32. Bob with Flipped Layers

This choppy ‘do is fashionably disheveled and allows for the popular wash and go style. Check these bent front pieces that work to envelope the face flatteringly.

Choppy Wash And Go Bob

via @cassmedlen

33. Layered Bob for Thick Hair

An inverted bob is a nice choice for thick hair, taking off some weight on the back, yet leaving a plethora of density. Longer front pieces will give you styling freedom.

Inverted Bob For Thick Hair

via @shmoakin_hair

34. Chin-Length Bob

Ladies over 50 shouldn’t hesitate to get a crop with a rounded shape for a softer feel. The flipped out pieces will bring in lightness and dynamics.

Layered Bob Crop Over 50

via @theartfularies

35. Bob with Rounded Layers

This graduated cut features a unique delicate color and long rounded layers to make the thick hair bounce. A haircut like this will alow you to switch your parting effortlessly.

Graduated Bob With Angled Layers

via @rhandy_art

36. Tapered Pixie Bob

Is this a long pixie or a short bob? Actually, it’s a great tip for those growing out their crops – the tousled cut will help you overcome this awkward stage with dignity.

Tousled Pixie Bob Cut

via @hotsaucehair

37. Side-Swept Bob

This girl is daring enough to rock a dramatically asymmetrical hairstyle, side-parted to get a fuller feel in the front. Teamed with custom highlights, this style is trye eye magnet.

Daring Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob

via @trinnie_hair

38. Shorter Back Layers

If you don’t know how to wear your gray hair and look chic, follow the example of this lady who is embracing her grays with the help of a textured bob highlighted around the face. Shorter back layers create a soft, feminine silhouette.

Gray Textured Bob

via @hairbysummerseattle

39. Longer Face-Framing Layers

Looking for new ideas in blonde color palettes? This unexpected and sophisticated combo of blonde hues looks even edgier with sliced ends.

Straight Sliced Blonde Bob

via @kellervieirabeautyroom2018

40. Collarbone-Length Bob

A collarbone bob with loose waves is a go-to option for square faces. It deflects attention away from the strong jaw-line and softens the bone structure.

Shaggy Collarbone Bob For Square Faces

via @savagestylist

Are you ready to take the plunge and try a cool bob haircut with layers right now? Or, maybe, you got inspired to give an edgy twist to your current bob? Anyway, we are sure we’ve offered plenty of stunning options to choose from and just can’t wait to see your unique take on them on Instagram.