Long hair can be sheer beauty, but sometimes it may need just a little gist of something special to spice things up. Straight hair seems too plain, wavy locks are too messy, fine tresses are not enough, thick tresses are too much. Fortunately, there is an answer to all these challenges – long layered haircuts! And what’s even better, there are different options for each and every hair type. And we are ready to reveal all secrets of long layered hair.

1. Bouncy Layers

This type is often recommended for women with fine hair to get the fuller look. Let the layers start from the point you want to add volume or draw attention to. Besides, short bouncy layers are perfect for allowing for various parting ways.

Long Hair with Short Layers
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2. Long Hair with Short Layers

“Short (when describing layers) simply defines the distance between one layer and the next one. Think of it like this – it’s just a “short distance” to the next layer,” explains Kristin Ess, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Kristin Ess Hair. Short layers are destined to be coupled with bangs when you need to balance your facial features. It adds just a perfect amount of volume on top and frames the face nicely.

Face-Framing Layers and Wispy Bangs
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3. Face-Framing Layers with Wispy Bangs

Both thick and wispy bangs work great for long hairstyles with layers. Short tresses frame the face, while the wispy bangs are a perfect addition and make the hairstyle wearable.

Face-Framing Layers and Wispy Bangs
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4. V-Cut Layered Shag

Choppy and short layers – what else could you ask for, when you need to make your fine hair voluminous and textured? Gorgeous balayage finishes off the look perfectly.

V-Cut Layered Shag
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5. V-Cut Feathered Layers

This back view showcases the combination of short layers and ombré – and it’s absolutely stunning. The feathered ends catch the eye and emphasize the contrast between dark and light, flat and textured.

V-Cut Feathered Layers
via @manuellobo

6. Long Hair with Wispy Layers

Short layers in long hair are great for accentuating both highlights and lowlights. Skillfully done layering makes color blends more visible and dramatic.

Long Hair with Wispy Layers
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7. Long Curtain Bangs and Layers

But even when your hair is one-color, short layers around face deliver a nice framing effect without sacrificing any hair length. Long curtain bangs fall on the sides of the face and frame it nicely.

Long Curtain Bangs and Layers
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8. All-Over Layers

Since long straight hair may have a tendency to appear a little flat and dull, layers can change your look drastically, adding a plenty of texture and movement.

All-Over Layers
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9. Long Butterfly Cut

Butterfly cut is trending at the moment, and looks stunning on both short and long hair. Take a note that such short and sharp layers will require quite a bit of styling.

Long Butterfly Cut
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10. Shoulder-Length Layers and Bangs

If you’re not the one to spend hours on styling, we’ve got you covered. Opt for shoulder-length layers and thick side bangs to create a modern shaggy look with nonchalantly styled tresses.

Shoulder-Length Layers and Bangs
via @lydia_townsend_does_hair

11. Razored Layers

If you have long straight hair, but you want to achieve more voluminous and that effortless messy look, go for longer layers. Ask for razored and longer piece-y layers to get the desired effect.

Razored Layers
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12. Layers with Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are a perfect addition to a layered cut because they add that extra dimension. They also make for a visually thicker look.

Layers with Highlights and Lowlights
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13. Two-Step Layers

Long versions of layering are the best to create some awesome face framing layers, like in this hairstyle. It also shows the flow of hues within the sophisticated balayage.

Two-Step Layers
via @whitrunswithscissors

14. Long Framing Layers

Long framing layers work fine for extra long one-tone tresses, too. Take notice of various looks you may get by experimenting with lengths of the layers – the greater the distance between them, the more visible the texture and density of your hair.

Long Framing Layers
via @monique.mercado.styling

15. Gradual Framing Layers

It is smart to wear long layers with side bangs to get tons of texture in the front. But if you need to show an unexpected color twist, they also do the job.

Gradual Framing Layers
via @krys.cuts.hair

16. Layers with Ombre Highlights

This layered and feathered hairstyle proves that straight hair is anything but flat and static. If possible, don’t hesitate to add a color transition to your own striking combo.

Layers with Ombre Highlights
via @ederfernaandocabelos

17. Layers with Curled Ends

Wavy and curly hair usually looks quite lively and bouncy by itself. You can make your hairstyle unbeatable by choosing a blend of face-framing short layers and long locks.

Layers with Curled Ends
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18. Internal Layers

Blunt on the bottom, but layered and wavy throughout the length – what a stunning mix for creating movement and a fuller feel! Caramel highlights add a nice finishing touch to the look.

Long Curly Hairstyle With Straight Blunt Ends
via @danielmbeauty

19. Long Layers with Body Wave

Both thin and fine hair lacks volume, yet you can have enough of it with graduated layers. Also, think of adding shades to your hairstyle to get more depth.

Long Layers with Body Wave
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20. Long Coarse Hair Layers

When your hair is thick it can seem bulky bulky, which is not a look for everyone. Choppy strands and thinned out ends will remove the bulk easily.

Long Coarse Hair Layers
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21. 90s Long Layers

90s layers are back in trend, and so is honey blonde. This style looks lightweight due to the bouncy layers running down the shoulders and back.

90s Long Layers
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22. Layers with Lived-In Highlights

And this is an amazing idea for a brunette – layers coupled with chestnut balayage highlights to gain both texture and volume, while brightening up the base color.

Layers with Lived-In Highlights
via @aimee_cuts_and_dyes

23. Tousled Long Layers

Do you think that beachy waves are only for blondes? Your black hair can have the same carefree look with these tousled long layers.

Tousled Long Layers
via @thehairprojecthtx

24. Thick Bangs and Long Layers

When you want to spice up your brown hair without coloring it, just ask for layered locks and refresh your bangs. Compliment the hairstyle with a thick blunt fringe to bring in some retro charm.

Thick Bangs and Long Layers

25. Away-From-Face Layers

More often than not, dark hair will definitely benefit from a touch of highlights. Lighter tresses and layers work together perfectly to frame the face and accentuate the base color.

Away-From-Face Layers
via @styleandheat

26. Short to Long Layers

A short to long layered haircut is just the thing for those girls who favor messy styles. With this kind of ‘do you can air dry and go.

Short to Long Layers
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27. Rounded Feathered Layers

This haircut adds a lot of volume both on top and throughout the hair with more lightweight and feathery ends. The multidimensional color is a great addition, too.

Rounded Feathered Layers
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28. Layers and Side Bangs

Hairstyles with lots of layers are win-win for both thin and thick hair. This one is an example of a perfect haircut for thinner hair, with side bangs and both face-framing and layers throughout the hair.

Layers and Side Bangs
via @manuellobo

29. Chin-Grazing Layers

As it was already mentioned, side bangs melt into layers perfectly, but look how great it works with extra long, chin-grazing layers! The overall color is perfectly combined with lighter face-framing strands.

Chin-Grazing Layers
via @myguiltycrown

30. Long Layers and Lifted Roots

Layering looks equally good on long hair even without bangs. This hairstyle is to steal from, if you have tons of hair and need to keep it at bay.

Long Layers and Lifted Roots
via @ashley.weiss

31. Curtain Bangs and Soft Layers

The choppy layers come with a cool boho chic vibe, and they are great for volumizing and texturizing fine hair. Curtain bangs play a role framing the face, and soft layers add an airy feel to the cut.

Curtain Bangs and Soft Layers
via @hairbyjilly

32. Flipped Layers

This hairstyle with fabulous front layers balances the face shape and makes the long hair pop with its dynamics and texture.

Long Layered Cut For Fine Hair
via @manuellobo

33. U-Cut Long Layers

However, you are free to shift the focus to your back. This feathered hairstyle allows trotting out both length and color.

Layered Hairstyle With Curled Ends
via @jackmartincolorist

34. Soft End Layers

When thinking of haircuts with bangs, get inspired with this lovely curtain bang version, flattering the face shape and blending into the front layers nicely.

Centre-Parted Long Blonde Layered Hair
via @allison_weldon_hair

35. Feathered Bangs Blending into Layers

Whether straight or wavy, your thick mane needs some weight to be taken out. Go for tapered ends like and take inspiration from this balayage.

Long Brown Hairstyle With Feathered Layers
via @hairbysamanthamonroe

36. Dimensional Layers

Keep in mind that layers can be really soft, and, thus, almost unnoticeable, but still giving the desired structured feel. And they blend so perfectly together with highlights.

Long Messy Wavy Hairstyle With Brondebalayage
via @iamjessicagalvan

37. Shattered Layers

On the other hand, you can get your locks expressively textured to bring the layers into focus with the right styling. The highlights in this style are barely there yet they make all the difference, too.

Brunette Wavy Layered Hairstyle For Long Hair
via @hairbykarissa

38. Long Textured Layers

This hairstyle is a good example of how to direct attention to light layers through feathered styling.

Haircut With Long Feathered Layers
via @colorme512

39. Invisible Layers

These layers are so subtle, that you can benefit from a wider choice of styling options, including both center-parted and side part hairstyles. Notice how toffee highlights bring the look to another level?

Long Black Hair With Bronze Balayage
via @jleighwebdoeshair

40.Blended Layers on Ends

These blended layers, which all flow together to avoid flatness, don’t still a single centimeter from the overall length. Still, the layers combined with lighter ends make all the difference.

Long Bronde Hair With Long Layers
via @hairbymariaberger

Diverse and vibrant, layered hair is a fantastic choice to give a twist to your casual hairstyle. Carefully placed layers can produce the wow effect we all are striving for, while flattering both facial features and hair type. Your long hair will never look flat and out of fashion when brightened up with the right type of layers. And consider an addition of some subtle (or not) highlights for an even more defined and stunning look.