As contrasted to close-cut crops, the long pixie cut implies an extra length either all throughout the perimeter or just in certain sections, usually in the front and on top. Retaining a dramatic effect of a short cut, these styles bring in more femininity, building a flattering and softening frame around the face. And today we are going to explore the long pixie phenomenon through the examples of the hottest Insta moments.

How to Style a Long Pixie

Many people mistakenly believe that cutting your hair short means you’re stuck with just one hairstyle indefinitely. In reality, the options are abundunt. You can go for texturizing products like sea salt sprays or volumizing mousses to enhance natural texture and create a tousled, lived-in look that complements the pixie’s layered structure.

Consider using a lightweight wax or pomade to define edges and add subtle shine without weighing down the hair. For those aiming for a more polished appearance, a small amount of smoothing serum can tame flyaways and provide a sleek finish.

Experiment with different partings to discover what best flatters your face shape, whether it’s a deep side part for added drama or a center part for a balanced, classic appeal.

1. Side Part

The side parting of this pixie boosts a lift at the roots, making the thick tresses even more voluminous, while keeping them bouncy. To choose the right place for a side part, follow your natural growth pattern by parting your hair where it naturally wants to fall, typically in line with any cowlicks or dominant hair direction.

Pixie With A Side Parting For Long Hair

via @mista.willis

2. Ear Tuck

The fine locks gain enhanced density in the front due to the long fringe that is also layered for better texture and volume. An ear tuck creates a sleek, clean look that contrasts the length of the fringe, adding structure and preventing the style from looking too heavy around the face.

Short Cut With A Long Fringe For Fine Hair

via @courtneyxcentrichair

3. Face-Framing Bangs

Thin hair won’t look flat with perky face-framing bangs and this fancy movement-adding styling. The wispy finish of the cut delivers both airiness and a modern vibe.

Long Wispy Pixie For Long Hair

via @hairbymolly_pdx

4. Natural Waves

If you thought pixie cuts only look good on straight hair, think again. The long pixie cut leaves lots of space for curly texture to spring and allows you tucking unruly locks behind the ear when required.

Pixie Cut For Curly Hair

via @alteregoraleigh

5. Side Undercut

This cute streaked crop shows a stunning contrast between long straight tresses on top and edgy close-cut temple areas. A stark contrast in hair length creates a super trendy, urban look.

Cute Edgy Undercut Pixie For Straight Hair

via @eliasvelloso

6. Layered to One Side

Round faces look crisper when enveloped with a plethora of angled pieces that break up the face’s symmetry. Strategic layering creates more volume on top, elongating the face.

Pixie With Angled Layers For Round Faces

via @thelostkiiddoeshair

7. Tapered Sides and Back

Long faces require some extra width on the sides, and this cool pixie cut gains just enough of it through side-swept locks and elevated roots. Combine them with tapered sides and back to create a balanced look.

Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs For Long Faces

via @andrewdoeshair

8. Asymmetrical Bangs

This icy blonde crop with short top pieces and asymmetrical bangs getting longer to the side is a perfect frame for an oval face. Asymmetrical bangs add a dynamic angle that highlights cheekbones and softens the forehead.

Icy Blonde Pixie With Layered Bangs

via @hairsamurai

9. Hidden Layers

Side-swept bangs and elongated side pieces work fine to draw attention to the enviable cheek bones of heart-shaped faces, while creating a diversion from the chin. The diagonal lines of side-swept bangs complement the face’s natural contours, resulting in a proportionate appearance.

Short Cut With Side-Swept Bangs For Heart-Shaped Faces

via @corrinndoeshair

10. Shaggy Layers

This square face is softened with wispy bangs and layers. The mix of short and long strands does a great job of avoiding a boxy look.

Layered Pixie With Wispy Bangs For Square Faces

via @sandyautryartistry

11. Chin Length

This awesome cut features layered side swept bangs, going longer to the side to enhance its edgy asymmetry. Longer, chin-length bangs will benefit from blow-drying with a round brush to keep them smooth and voluminous.

Pixie Cut With Long Side-Swept Bangs

via @emilyandersonstyling

12. Sideburns and Bangs

Here is a nice example of straight hair transformed into a hot shaggy crop with side bangs, boasting texture galore. Pairing your bangs with sideburns will add definition to the face and create a more balanced look.

Short Shaggy Cut With A Side Fringe

via @lak_salon

13. Thin Stacked Layers

This silver blonde ‘do is handsomely layered on the back and top to have a good deal of dimension. Opt for stacked layers along with fun and trendy sliced tips for the airy, leightweight feel.

Silver Layered Sliced Pixie

via @trishjamesinc

14. Disconnected Undercut

Just look at this killer undercut we couldn’t miss! It spices up the crop and helps build volume in the back, while highlights serve to add depth.

Undercut Crop With Highlights

via @txell.s

15. Long Thick Bangs

This tapered black hair is dense, but not dull thanks to smart layering and a sharp fringe, elongated to create a modern look. Flirty, eye-grazing length allows a lot of styling options.

Tapered Black Haircut With A Long Fringe

via @khimandi

16. Wispy Bangs

In addition to changing your hair flow, long pixie styles give you more freedom to experiment with hair textures. This seriously blond pixie is polished, yet crisp due to the scenic separation in the front and length difference in the bangs.

Polished Blonde Pixie With Bangs

via @susanfordhair

17. Textured Layers

Gaining a raft of depth through dark roots, this blonde layered shag is touchable, vibrant and low-maintenance. Its naturally tousled look requires minimal styling and can easily be refreshed with a quick trim.

Low Maintenance Short Blonde Shag

via @maygovintage

18. A-Line Silhouete

Long on top, short on bottom? We like this combo that builds volume and texture, while leaving plenty of length for a cool layered fringe. Keeping the back and sides short adds structure and ease of maintenance while highlighting the longer layers on top.

Long On Top Short On Bottom Cut For Women

via @courtneyxcentrichair

19. Wolf Cut

This tremendously disconnected and charmingly messy hairstyle is an epitome of the bedhead trend we all have been enjoying lately. This edgy, layered style offers a bold, modern look that combines the best elements of the shag and pixie.

Short Messy Bedhead Hairstyle

via @rachelsrad

20. Pixie Bob Length

Here is a nice illustration of a pixie cut turning into a choppy bob beautifully brightened up with pops of blonde. A pixie bob will appeal to those with busy lifestyles who want a chic, low-maintenance haircut that requires minimal styling and offers a polished appearance.

Brown Choppy Bob With Blonde Highlights

via @rochellegoldenhairstylist

21. Long Feathered Bangs

Choppy doesn’t always mean chunky – this wispy crop with sweet babylights and textured pieces is the best proof. Feathered bangs lend this look a soft, lightweight feel.

Choppy Wispy Blonde Crop

via @tiffanycathleen

22. Edgy Spikes

This spiky ‘do is really hard to miss, since it arrests the eye with every detail, starting from its vibrant color and ending with those super-long bangs. This style requires frequent trims to maintain its sharp, defined shape.

Spiky Pixie With Long Bangs

via @apostoldiana

23. Messy Piecey Layers

We are simply frozen by this frosty blonde cut with a wispy layered fringe and fashionably textured strands. The short, bold cut spotlights unconventional hair hue, creating a unique look.

Textured Wispy Silver Blonde Pixie Cut

via @colourbyvictoria

24. Buzzed Undercut

Are you bold enough to pull off this badass look with a striking undercut set against thick chunky tresses? The high undercut reduces bulk and adds contrast, enhancing the texture and movement of the longer layers.

Thick Chunky Undercut Hairstyle

via @beautyby_laura

25. Extra Long on Top

With this dramatic asymmetrical hairstyle, combining an undercut, layering, and extra long bangs you will always be in focus. Expert layering wil prevent your long pixie from appearing too heavy and ensure the fringe blends seamlessly with the rest of the style for a balanced look.

Asymmetrical Undercut Pixie With Long Bangs

via @samkanehair

Summarizing the talk, long pixie hairstyles are a happy middle ground between short pixies and bobbed ‘dos, offering versatility in styling and low maintenance, while allowing you to make a strong statement. Find your own inspo for a game-changer cut in our fresh collection and go for your new signature look without any hesitation – we’ll keep our fingers crossed.