Medium-length hairstyles with bangs are trendy, convenient, and incredibly versatile. They offer much freedom for styling and upkeep. Straight or wavy, thick or fine – no matter your hair type, a beautifully shaped fringe is a stylish add-on to your shoulder-grazing cut. So, if you’ve joined the bangs club lately, let us guide you through the world of trendy mid-length cuts to match your freshly-cut fringe.

No matter what kind of transformation you’ve decided to make with your locks, you should always determine your hair type first to know what works best. The same goes for fringes. If it’s your first one, start off a little longer than you want until you find the most flattering style. “Adding a bang is a great way to create a new style without the commitment of a drastic haircut or length change,” says Melinda Danella, a hairstylist at Inspire Uptown Salon, to Glamour when commenting on fringe hairstyles. Just choose the right length and type of fringe, and you will fall in love with the result!

1. Layered Bob with Blunt Bangs

One way to put your straight fringe in the spotlight and balance out the whole look is to sport a trendy bob cut with layers. Shorter in the back and visibly longer in the front, this style is a go-to choice for those wanting to grow out their short tresses a bit.

Straight Inverted Bob With A Blunt Fringe

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2. Shoulder-Length Hair with Bangs

Fringes are just made for thick locks. They instantly take some weight out of the hair, offering a trendy style upgrade. Try combining your bangs with a shoulder-length hairstyle for the best face-framing look.

Medium Length Thick Wavy Hair With Bangs

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3. Curly Shag with Bangs

If your naturally curly mnae lacks dimension and movement, opt for a shaggy cut with shorter layers at the top of the head and wispy bangs that run just above your brows. This hairstyle will draw attention to your eyes and enhance the hair texture without meticulous styling efforts. Just shake your curls, and you’re ready to go!

Mid-Length Curly Hair With A Fringe

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4. Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs

Fine hair absolutely loves bangs with wispy tips. They add fullness to the hair and keep the tresses popping with volume without any styling products. To balance out the airy wispiness of the fringe, opt for a blunt cut like this one. The hair will grow out nicely, and you won’t have to get regular trims.

Medium Fine Hair With Bangs

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5. Side Part Bob with Bangs

A classy fringe looks fire on shorter hair with an off-center parting. It adds a much-needed volume at the roots, so if you have fine or thin hair, this look is for you. The hairstyle works for a variety of occasions, whether formal or casual.

Medium Length Haircut With Bangs For Thin Hair

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6. Long Bob with Arched Bangs

This put-together look is achieved thanks to a balanced combination of a longer-than-usual bob and an eye-skimming fringe that complement each other. This haircut is a win-win choice for thin hair. You can leave it straight or add some soft beachy waves to enhance the hair texture – it will be perfect anyway.

Straight Bob With Arched Bangs For Round Faces

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7. Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

 The right bangs can complement your face shape and create an alluring look with no effort at all. Long, oval faces work great with side bangs as they shift the attention from the forehead to the eyes. In this case, a trendy fringe is coupled with wavy locks that frame the face all around.

Side Fringe For A Long Face

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8. Medium Hair with Eyebrow-Glazing Bangs

Pull off any style of bangs you like, including this rather dense straight-across option to play with your hair length and find your perfect cut. This style will effortlessly accentuate your eyes while keeping the forehead covered beneath a thick layer of gorgeous hair.

Textured Straight-Across Bangs For An Oval Face

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9. Wolf Cut Long Bob

Choose a fringe that hits mid-eyebrows with longer pieces to the sides for a square face. You can part it down the middle or push it to the side in search of fresh looks. Paired with a tousled haircut like this one, you can also achieve a voluminous look to work with your fine hair.

Shag With A Fringe For A Square Face

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10. Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Ladies with diamond-shaped faces often seek hairstyles to soften their chin and jawline. A choppy fringe can be the best bid as it smoothes out sharp facial features, creating a soft, face-framing look. The added volume at the top of the head can be achieved with a shaggy haircut.

Choppy Bangs For A Diamond Face

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11. Lob with Textured Bangs

Textured hairstyles are in vogue today, and you can cut a layered fringe to keep up with the latest trends. To finish off the look, consider a long bob with textured layers to help the fringe blend in smoothly with the rest of the hair.

Easy Choppy Bob With A Shaggy Bang

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12. Armpit-Length Hair with Bangs

If you’re not ready for extreme chops yet, go for a longer hairstyle with airy side-swept bangs. It will create a softer and more feminine look. And those breezy, effortless waves will bring your hair game to the next level!

Medium Choppy Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

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13. Curly Wolf Cut

Make a splash with your beautiful pile of tight and defined curls by channeling a trendy haircut like this one. Worn with a matching curly fringe, this style e can make your curly hair a real showpiece. Just don’t forget to cut it a little longer than you want it to land to prevent shrinkage.

Mid-Length Curly Shag With Bangs

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14. Medium Layers and Face-Framing Bangs

You can easily upgrade your shoulder-length chop with a longer see-through fringe that falls over your face like a veil. It will make your hair look fuller and direct attention to your eyes. A voluminous blowout will also complement the look, introducing movement and bounce to thick locks.

Shoulder-Length Layered Hair With Wispy Bangs

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15. Lob with Layered Side Bangs

Add some glam to your polished cut with flipped-out side bangs. Making the longest layer of the fringe hit the cheekbones will accentuate your facial features ideally. A perfect choice for thick and fine hair alike.

Long Bob With Flipped Out Bangs

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16. Bob with Cheekbone-Length Bangs

Mixing bangs with a bob is a great way to reboot your everyday look and debut fabulously with a brand-new hairstyle. Just don’t forget to consider your hair type and face shape together for getting a fringe that is easy to pull off without overusing styling products and tools.

Mid-Length Bob With Side Bangs

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17. Tousled Cut with Internal Layers

If it’s your first fringe experiment, start from a safe mid-length with side bangs. These long pieces with a shaggy touch hitting your jawline blend in perfectly with shoulder-length layered haircuts. And you can always go shorter once you know your preferred style.

Shoulder-Length Layered Hair With Long Bangs

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18. Collarbone-Length Hair with Thick Bangs

A full, blunt fringe can transform your image in a single session, working as a magnificent frame to your face. The style is worn bets on thick hair to emphasize texture and depth. With your ends hitting the collarbone, there’s still much room left for different hair lengths and shapes.

Medium Cut With A Full Blunt Fringe

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19. Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

Consider spicing up your side bang with a classic haircut like this one. It will add an unexpected dimension and fullness to the trees, especially if you have thick, heavy hair. The tips will instantly look lighter with no extra length weighing them down.

Side Bang With Highlights And Lowlights

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20. Medium Waves and Wispy Bangs

Rock this cute and sexy wispy bang look combined with beachy waves. The recipe for this style is simple. Just a touch of wispiness fixed with a wavy hair texture. The beautiful finish is guaranteed!

Medium Dark Hair With A Wispy Bang

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21. Mid-Length Hair with Fringe Bangs

If you want to wear a classy style with subtly flipped ends, adding these adorable piecey bangs is your goal. They create a visual balance by gradually transitioning into longer pieces on each side.

Blonde Layered Lob With Piece-Y Bangs

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22. Sleek A-Line Bob with Bangs

For round-faced beauties, eye-skimming bangs coupled with a sleek cut that almost reaches the collarbone will work best. Embrace the contrast between this angled bob and softly rounded bangs to be ready for both the office and dance floor.

Asymmetrical Angled Bob With Soft Bangs

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23. Blunt Cut with Curtain Bangs

Mid-length waves with a longer wispy split fringe work perfectly for all face shapes. It draws attention to those killer cheekbones and makes your eyes incredibly expressive.

Mid-Length Wavy Hair With A Split Fringe

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24. Shoulder-Length Hair with Short Bangs

Give a twist to your shoulder-length locks with full but extra short choppy bangs. Adding light waves will put your ‘do beyond any compliments.

Shoulder-Length Brown Hair With Baby Bangs

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25. Long Bob with Choppy Bangs

Opt for a choppy fringe if your hair is straight, but match it with a longer cut that ends just above your collarbone for a more defined look. Use your favorite curler to create soft waves and enjoy a modern laid-back feel.

Medium Shag With A Blunt Fringe

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