Classic strawberry blonde hair color is a perfect mix of reddish-blondish shade with certain variations. There are exciting possibilities, from a subtle pink tint to a vivid red to neutral beige territory. Be it ombre, balayage, highlights, metallic rose gold, platinum, or marigold, you have a platter full of variations to try on your tresses.

The shade usually doesn’t occur naturally and looks good on people with fair or warm skin tones. Another notable aspect is that you can try strawberry blonde for any length. Be it fine or thick hair, the strawberry blonde dye is a must-try color if you have the complexion to complement it.

1. Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Balayage on blonde hair creates depth and dimension, raising your fashion statement several notches. With a strawberry hue, get ready for a glow of warmth across your tresses with texture and movement. Darker roots showcase the fantastic effect of balayage on lighter hair ends.

Strawberry to Copper Balayage on Medium-Length Bob

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2. With Blonde Money Pieces

This is one of the shades of strawberry blonde that suit girls with fair skin. The vivid bright red roots and the light strands of ribbons fill the entire mane with unparalleled brilliance. The color-treated hair helps accentuate your fair complexion and facial features. You can keep the shade subtle or add brightness with a pop of color.

Strawberry Blonde with Dark Roots and Blonde Money Piece

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3. Bright Copper

A darker shade choice would be the copper color, distinctly bright. If you have naturally dark hair or have thick hair, try this color with darker roots, gradually getting lighter towards the end. By curling the ends, you can show off the shades better. Else, have the entire mane colored in the dark due.

Dark Strawberry Blonde Color on Long Straight Hair

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4. Dark Strawberry

The dark strawberry mane looks excellent with tanned or darker skin tones. Also, if your eyes are darker, this hair color looks fabulous – it’s flattering with high contrast face types. Another aspect for the hue to look even more stunning is when your hair has natural waves.

Dark Strawberry Hair with Blonde Highlights

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5. With Warm Highlights

Highlights are one of the best ways to adapt to a new hair color. Women with blonde hair can try strawberry highlights to spice up things. For dark blonde hair, lowlights can give a dramatic look to your personality.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Long Thick Hair


6. Beige Blonde

Beige highlights on copper hair are another great option, showcasing your finest features impeccably. Your blue eyes, and the shape of your lips, all sync well together to create a flawless appearance.

Light Blonde with Strawberry Highlights on Long Hair

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7. Strawberry Blonde Babylights

If you have natural copper hair color, this style is a must-try for your hair. The highlights on a few random strands can change your look completely. If your natural locks are not copper colored, you can get a deeper shade of strawberry dye to get the copper tone.

Copper Strawberry Blonde Balayage on Long Hair

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8. Strawberry Blonde Root Melt

Copper to strawberry balayage is an excellent choice for long hair as the color flawlessly takes a look to a new level. Choosing a good hair dye will help nourish the hair strands, giving the hair an unmissable glow and shine. Go soft or vivid, but this one will surely give you a sophisticated look!

Copper to Peach Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

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9. Pastel Peach

The peach hues look great when pastel, too. The transition from darker roots to lighter base adds visual volume to short bob cuts,

Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde on Short Bob

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10. Pearly Rose

For a girl with natural red-blonde hair, rose gold gives an ashy, pearly appearance. Rosy tones are best suited for women with warm skin tones. Top up with pink highlights to make your hair look even prettier.

Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde with Peach Undertone

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11. Light Brown Ombre

The subtle and light strawberry looks more like a golden hue on the paler side. However, a closer look will reveal that the hue is concealed in the faint warm tint. This is the shade to go for if you have a fair skin tone – the color is a fabulous combination with porcelain skin.

Very Light Strawberry Blonde with Dark Roots

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12. Pastel Orange

If you prefer warm, copper tones, go for a pastel orange instead of rosy tones. The color looks banging (pun intended) with a wispy fringe and is made for cool-toned complexion girlies.

Light Strawberry Blonde on Short Bob Cut

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13. Platinum with Strawberry Roots

Want to add depth to your blonde hair? Go in for platinum with strawberry lowlights. Your hair stylist will either work on your natural blonde or have it toned down to a lighter shade before working on the shades.

Platinum Strawberry Blonde Hair

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14. Honey with Blonde Ends

This multi-dimensional look, achieved with the help of honey blonde highlights and ends, gives your hair plenty of movement and texture. The hair length does not matter with this color. Whether you have a wavy bob haircut, shoulder-length, or love to wear long hairstyles, this is a fall-inspired hairstyle.

Strawberry Blonde With Platinum Money Piece

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15. Dark Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

One of the beautiful and trendy brown hair color ideas is highlighting them in a warm reddish hue. This is because both the colors belong to the same color family and gel really well. With wavy hair, you will get good movement, and the hair will keep looking healthy and young.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Brown Long Hair

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16. Muted Rose

These darker highlights emphasize the best features of your tresses – length does not matter. They adds a soft, warm touch to the mane and look good with all types of makeup on your face. This is the best dye color for your brown hair if you have long natural hair and light to medium skin tone. 

Golden Strawberry Hair Color with Copper Highlights

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17. Warm Blonde Ombre

The ombre style is popular these days. The warm blonde shades remind you of the fall. From dark copper at the roots to lighter blonde in the center to subtle pink or platinum blonde at the ends create a perfect blend of colors.

Light Brown to Blonde Ombre

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18. Strawberry Money Pieces

This ombre will remind you of the sunset during the autumn with a beautiful meltdown of the warmer shades to lighter blondes. The ombre effect on wavy hair at the mid-length section will create a lot of volume. With natural curls, your hair looks like the sandy beaches on the seashore.

Brown to Gold Blonde Ombre on Long Wavy Hair

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19. Orange Based Strawberry Blonde

Bright copper is a great choice for those who are not into pink and red hues. There’s a burst of vibrancy and vivaciousness in this look that is perfect for fair and medium complexion.

Marigold Strawberry Color on Medium-Length Hair

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20. With Blonde Block Color

Your hairstylist can add even more fruity and flowery colours to the mix. Golden blonde with strawberry hues makes the orange pop with a unique shine. The overall look is stylish with curls, whether you keep it sultry or go all out like a bombshell. So get ready for electric jolts with your highlights melting with perfection.

Marigold Blonde Color on Long Straight Hair

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What Is the Best Hair Dye Brand for Strawberry Blonde Color?

If you wish to dye hair strawberry blonde at home, the best brand is the L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying 9GR Light Reddish Blonde color that lasts up to eight weeks. Another superior product to try is the dpHue Gloss+Semi-Permanent hair color with a built-in conditioner, enhancing the color and the look. The dye lasts well for a few weeks. You can also try Revlon Colorsilk 85B, strawberry blonde. The look is salon-quality, with multi-toned shades from the roots to the tips. The effect remains for quite some time.