Spectacular in all senses, short curly hair is an embodiment of grace and femininity. However, to always look stylish and well-groomed, you should choose the right hairstyle.

Spectacular in all senses, short curly hair is an embodiment of grace and femininity. However, to always look stylish and well-groomed, you should choose the right hairstyle. See how to style your natural curls to enhance your beauty and confidence!

1. Voluminous Curly Bob

If you’re a lucky owner of luxurious curls, opt for haircuts that help you accentuate your hair’s volume, for example, a layered bob. While showcasing the texture of your curls, it can also emphasize your style and charisma.

Short Curly Brown Hair

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2. Textured Curly Pixie

A pixie haircut may be a major hair change for you, but definitely a worthwhile one. Pair it with a subtle temple undercut for an extra edge and sassy allure.

Very Short Black Curly Hair

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3. Undercut Pixie with Curls

Hairstyles with an undercut are popular styling options for women with any hair type, and playful curls are not an exception. A linear design will spice up your look and showcase your cheeky personality.

Short Curly Copper Hair with Undercut

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4. Coily Pixie with Undercut Design

Thanks to the undercut, curly hair loses excessive volume but, at the same time, retains texture. This haircut is low-maintenance and comfortable to wear, especially in the warm season.

Short Curly Hair with Undercut on Side

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5. Short Curly Shag

If you want to add creative casualness to your look, shaggy hairstyles are just what you need! Stylish and captivating, they complement your curls and make them look and feel more lightweight.

Short Curly Shag on Brown Hair

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6. Short Curly Wolf Cut

Shaggy haircuts are timelessly trendy, making them a go-to choice for women with all hair types and textures. This particular style perfectly emphasizes the texture of curls and brings them more definition thanks to meticulously done layering.

Short Curly Mullet Cut on Brown Hair

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7. Curly Bob with Deep Side Part

Bob is always a nice choice for those looking for a versatile and practical short haircut. Whether you have natural curls or permed hair, this style will deliver you lots of attention, particularly when swooping your hair over to the side.

Short Curly Bob Cut on Dark Brown Hair

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8. Naturally Curly Textured Bob

This textured haircut comes in different lengths depending on your preference — from ear to chin. The stylish bob cut on naturally curly locks guarantees lush volume and can flatter facial features beautifully.

Short Curly Bob Cut on Copper Hair

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9. Inverted Curly Bob

By adding stacked layers to your bob, you can bring interest and movement to your strands, creating an adorable, dynamic hairstyle. The angled shape of this haircut also helps elongate the jawline and balance the face shape.

Inverted Bob Cut on Dark Short Curly Hair

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10. Angled Curly Bob

This version of the bob cut will work great for women with oval and round faces. The combination of short strands at the back and longer curls in front will make your features more expressive and well-balanced.

Inverted Bob Cut on Thick Curly Hair

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11. Messy Curly Bob with Bangs

Bangs paired with messy layers can result in a fantastic volume and texture, beneficial for those with curly tresses. Style them with hair styling products for curly hair to add definition to your ringlets.

Curly Bob Cut with Bang on Blonde Hair

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12. Short Layered Curls

If you complement the short, thick curly hair with a bang, you will get a fantastic look that emphasizes your eyes and overall beauty. Additionally, incorporate subtle soft layers around your face to craft a lovely frame for your features.

Curly Bob Cut with Thick Bang on Dark Hair

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13. Silver Curly Pixie

While pixie haircuts are considered bold and daring, curly hair texture will make you look at this hairstyle differently. Delicate and romantic, a wavy pixie cut with softly layered curls will suit a woman of any age.

Short Curly Hairstyle on Silver Hair

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14. Wet-Look Curly Bob

The wet hair effect will look decent in any setting, and short curly locks are a perfect canvas to give it a go. Start with applying a curl defining cream on your soaking wet hair and fix the result with a holding gel.

Curly Bob Cut on Sliver Hair

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15. Curly Bixie

Stylists and hairdressers often recommend bixies for their low maintenance and versatility. The layering at the crown and fringe accentuates your bouncy curls, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your hair in the hot summer!

Short Curly Bixie Cut on Brown Hair

16. Curly Pixie Bob

Mixing the elements of a classic pixie and micro bob, this hairstyle complements different face shapes. Its bold layers can also emphasize the bounce and volume of your ringlets while shaping your face charmingly.

Short Curly Bixie on Dark Hair

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17. Tousled Curly Pixie

The messy curly bob is the best option for overly curly or tousled strands. With extra volume and texture on top, this haircut will best work for face shapes that need elongation.

Messy Short Curly Black Hair

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18. Neck-Length Bouncy Curls

The gradual layers in this bob infuse your ringlets with fun and energy, bringing lots of texture and dynamic. Professional hair care products will also make your natural curls healthy and attractive without fluffiness or loss of elasticity.

Messy Short Curly Dark Brown Hair

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19. Short Fluffy Curls

Whether you have thick or thin hair, a short bouffant haircut will give your curls a marvelous height and volume. For a more relaxed appearance, spray some texturizing product and slightly tousle your strands with your hands.

Short Fluffy Curly Dark Hair

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20. Rounded Bob with Textured Layers

The easiest way to bring volume to your strands is to blow dry them with your head down. Additionally, use a diffuser for a more defined curl pattern without frizziness.

Short Fluffy Haircut on Brown Hair

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21. Boyish Curly Pixie

Pixies ideally work for everyday and special occasions, bringing movement and playfulness to your charming curls. Maintain this hairstyle with moisturizing hair care products for glossy and healthy-looking ringlets.

Short Curly Pixie on Thick Hair

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22. Afro-Textured Pixie Cut

Embrace your natural coils with the pretty curly pixie with elongated curly bangs. While bringing lightness to your hair structure, this haircut also defines your micro spirals, making them look more accurate.

Short Curly Brown Thick Hair

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23. Shoulder-Length Curly Bob

The sparkling platinum bob featuring shoulder-length spiral curls looks charming and seductive simultaneously, making it a perfect stand-out style for a confident person. Strategically place your bang strands around the face for a cute face-framing effect.

Curly Bob Cut on Thick Platinum Hair

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24. Wavy Lob

A voluminous bob will give you a stunning transformation, whether with or without bangs, straight or asymmetrical. Complement the look with a platinum shade to brighten up your appearance.

Wavy Bob Cut on Thick Platinum Hair

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25. Edgy Curly Pixie

Apart from protective hairstyles that are incredibly popular among women with kinky hair, there’s always a place for an edgy pixie. Finish this striking look with a vivid hair color, choosing from a trendy redhead color palette.

Red Curly Pixie Cut with Black Roots

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26. Curly Choppy Pixie and Bangs

Here, the saturated sunny hue utterly harmonizes the daring and airy pixie haircut. We reckon this is a perfect shade for charismatic curly girls and women.

Bright Red Pixie Cut on Curly Hair

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27. Black Curly Bob

Curly afro hairstyles look daring and alluring, but you better care for your curls to maintain their beauty. Always condition ringlets after washing them with a moisturizing shampoo, and gather them in a soft, satin scarf overnight.

Short Curly Haircut on Dark-Skinned Woman

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28. Tapered Pixie for Coily Hair

To turn your short, tight curls into an object of attention and admiration, ask for a spiky pixie cut. With a tapered back and messy layered curls on top, you’ll look sassy and dazzling!

Short Curly Blonde Hair on Dark-Skinned Woman

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29. Thin Curly Bob with a Fringe

One of the most effective ways to increase the density of strands is to make a short haircut. So, if you’re in search of a stylish, volume-boosting do, try a neck-length bob with shaggy layers and bangs. Definitely worthwhile!

Thin Short Curly Hair with Dark Roots

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30. Stacked Bob with Face-Framing Curls

If you made up your mind to chop your luxurious ringlets, a stacked lob is an ideal haircut to start with. Keeping the balance between shoulder-length cuts and edgy pixies, it breathes life and energy into your natural curls.

Thin Short Black Curly Haircut

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31. Curly Shaggy Bob

A micro-length bob with shaggy layers works well for natural waves of any thickness. Flattering both freshly cut and grown-out, this haircut oozes glamour and style.

Short Layered Curly Haircut

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32. Bob with Curly Bangs

Layers can be done with almost any haircut, from pixie cuts to dainty long curls. For something in between, ask your stylist for a rounded bob ending at the neck or slightly longer, and pair the haircut with a lovely, curly fringe.

Short Brown Curly Bob Cut

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33. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie

An asymmetric pixie is a popular choice among self-confident women and girls seeking to emphasize their personalities. Side-swept bangs, which give asymmetry to this style, can also balance the appearance of those with heart-shaped faces.

Short Curly Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

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34. Wavy Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

If you’re looking for a versatile short hairdo with a twist, opt for a classic pixie with swept bangs on one side and a bare temple on the other. Perfect for those days when you need a quick and striking work-to-night transformation.

Short Curly Asymmetrical Pixie on Brown Hair

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35. Curly French Bob

For a light and fluffy bob, spray your curls with a mist or nourishing water and apply your favorite curl taming cream. Then, blow dry your curls with a diffuser and finish with a hairspray for extra hold.

Bouncy Curls with Bang on Silver Bob Cut

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36. Pixie Bob for Corkscrew Curls

Rounded bob cuts can softly shape your tight curls, turning them into a cloud of bouncy ringlets. In terms of length, let your stylist pick the one best suited for your face shape.

Tight Curls on Black Pixie Cut

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37. Middle Part Bob with Curtain Bangs

Bob and curly bangs are a combination that cannot leave you indifferent. It emphasizes the excellent woman’s taste and elegance, enhancing graceful facial features and shifting the focus to the eyes.

Short Bob with Curly Bang on Brown Hair

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38. Wavy French Bob

Don’t be afraid to cut your curls shorter than your chin, as it will give you those chic French bob vibes. Spiral curls add a modern twist to this timeless cut, making it a desired hairstyle for those craving something charming and appealing.

Short Bob with Curly Bang on Red Hair

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39. Middle-Parted Coily Hair

By parting your hair accurately in the middle, you can enhance your coils no less than those side-parted styles. Add a subtle fringe to get the focus away from the forehead and rather accentuate your fantastic eyes.

Medium Length Curly Hairstyle

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40. Shag on Natural Hair

The secret to stunning medium-length ringlets is a messy bob with asymmetrically parted layers. Bringing lots of movement and dimension, this hairstyle will add chic and glamour to your everyday looks.

Medium Length Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

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41. Side-Swept Ear-Length Bob

To make your short ringlets look even more voluminous and textured, try a bright blonde balayage. Let your colorist pick up a shade of blonde to complement your skin tone, or go for something universally flattering, like a creamy blonde.

Short Blonde Bob Cut with Dark Roots

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42. Short Tousled Curly Bob

Blonde hues bring definition and extra shine to every curl of yours. Paired with a layered bob cut, you will get a hairstyle full of sun-kissed glow and airy texture.

Short Blonde Bob Cut on Blonde Hair with Lowlights

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43. Bob with Loose Ringlets

Flowing loose curls are a true friend of ladies with a round face. Apart from visually lengthening the face, they make your features more refined and noticeable.

Red Short Loose Ringlets on Bob Cut

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44. Wavy Graduated Bob

Make an impact with this perfectly layered glossy wavy bob. For added volume and fullness, create a side part and secure your locks in place with a hairspray.

Loose Ringlets on Dark Bob Cut

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45. Curly Bowl Haircut

Bowls are short haircuts that look great on both women and men. While harmoniously stacking voluminous strands at the crown, the bowl cut exudes sassy allure with sharply tapered temples and nape.

Curly Bow Cut on Brown Hair

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46. Bowl Cut with Mid Fade

A bow cut with an undercut suits people of all ages and with any face shape. This styling is practical, popular, and moderately daring to show individuality.

Curly Bow Cut on Brown Hair with Red highlights

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47. Curly Bob with Middle Part

Separated at the center, this micro bob showcased well-defined yet unfinished fine curls you can easily recreate with your stylist. The benefit of this haircut is that you can effortlessly change your parting whenever you need something fresh and more careless.

Natural Curls on Short Brown Bob Cut

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48. Medium-Length Fine Curls

While a layered bob tends to create an elegant and sophisticated look, your bouncy waves add zest and energy to this whole style. The hairstyle itself exudes beachy vibes, but you may enhance this effect by dyeing your hair blonde.

Loose Curls on Blonde Bob Cut

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49. Curly Wolf Cut Bob

The presence of a large number of layers makes this shaggy bob voluminous and airy. We reckon this haircut is especially suitable for women with thin hair, as it gives the curls an expressive shape and thickness.

Shaggy Short Bob Cut on Blonde Hair

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50. Bob Shag for Natural Curls

If you wish to give your waves an effortlessly chic feel, try a layered haircut that ends slightly below the shoulders, or even shorter. Swipe some hair to the side for a more relaxed appearance, flattering for natural curls.

Shaggy Short Bob on Black Hair

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51. Layered Pixie with Nape Undercut

Apart from looking exceptionally chic and gorge, bixie hairstyles create the illusion of thicker hair, which works great for those with thinner strands. Besides, short haircuts like pixie bobs are easy to style, which is also worth considering for proud owners of bouncy ringlets.

Layered Pixie with Nape Undercut on Blonde Hair

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52. Curly Tapered Pixie

Here’s a no-fuss style for those needing stylish low maintenance. With a tapered pixie, you will keep your coils away from your face and require a less intricate styling routine.

Short Curly Pixie Cut on Dark Hair

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53. Curly Pixie with High Fade

Short curls with the bangs put on the side look charming and intriguing at any age. Easy to wear and style, and fits numerous occasions.

Curly Pixie with Side Swept Bang on Silver Hair

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54. Pixie Afro

The secret to getting ultra-stylish and attractive Afro hair is in the right products. A hydrating leave-in conditioner should become your must-have product that turns your curls from cute to stunning!

Curly Pixie with Side Swept Bang on Thick Black Hair

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55. Roller-Set Curls and Disconnected Undercut

Bouncy curls are eye-catching in and of themselves but you can make them even brighter with rainbow hair colors. Shaved sides will give a bold contrast that makes this style truly unique.

Short Tight Colorful Curls on Pixie Cut with Undercut

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56. Rainbow-Colored Curly Bob

What can be a better match for a curly hairstyle than an unusual color combination? If you’re ready for bold experiments, dye separate strands in bright or pastel tones of red, yellow, purple, and green to truly stand out.

Colorful and cute short curly hairstyles are timeless. These are styles with which you can diversify the image without paying attention to other fashion trends.

Short Bob Cut with Colorful Curls

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57. Curly Bob with Face-Framing Tendrils

Do you want to make your dark curls more original? Add sparkling shades of golden blonde to brighten up and spice your ringlets instantly.

Short Black Curly Hair with Blonde Highlights

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58. Permed Bob

Cold or warm blonde highlights can visibly enliven black hair and add interest to the look. When choosing a light color, consider skin tone and eye shade. Colorists note that light-brown and caramel tones are trendy.

Short Thick Curly Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

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59. Classic Pixie on Fine Curls

When choosing a haircut, experts recommend paying attention to the characteristics of the curls. For example, with a fine hair texture, short hairstyles that instantly add natural volume will be an excellent solution.

Short Curly Pixie on Fine Hair

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60. Micro Bob with Curly Fringe

Spectacular haircuts with asymmetry or layering are the favorites of modern fashionistas. They not only make naturally wavy hair easier to maintain. With the help of properly selected styling, you can emphasize your individuality and impeccable taste and successfully accentuate the merits of your appearance.

Short Curly Bixie on Brown Fine Hair

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A short hairstyle is one of the simplest ways to make a spectacular transformation for women with curls. Depending on your preferences and the characteristics of the hair structure, you can choose both ultra-short cuts and medium-length flowing ringlets. Feel free to indulge yourself with a daring pixie with asymmetrical bangs, a discreet bob, or layered shaggy styling.