Unfortunately, the beauty industry has a terrible habit of overlooking women once they reach a certain age, leaving you feeling out-of-place and under-represented. Luckily, you can find all the ideas you need if you have the proper resources—and in this case, it’s all about finding the best short haircuts for women over 40 to make you feel beautiful at all times. Short hair offers a variety of benefits for any woman, specifically for those who are in their forties. Short hairstyles are low-maintenance, a little edgy, and they place the focus solely on your face bringing out its assets.

So, scroll through these short haircuts for women over 40 that we’ve selected and get ready to have a ton of hairstyle options to keep you looking fabulous all year round.

1. Feathered Short Pixie

When it comes to chic short spiky haircuts for women over 40, few are as flattering as this one. The thing to keep in mind when opting for this crop is that your hairstylist needs to be an expert in cutting so that those feathers frame your face perfectly.

Short Spiky Pixie Over 40
Image: @vintagerocha

2. Blonde Shaggy Bob

One of the best short haircuts for women over 40 is this stylish choppy bob. The haircut works because it eliminates the hair that weighs you down and ages you—instead it builds a sassy and fuss-free style.

Stylish Shaggy Bob Over 40
Image: @juliebforhair

3. Piece-y Crop with Blonde Highlights

If you think you have the confidence to pull off a very short haircut, then perhaps you should give this one a try. This short hairstyle works on a variety of hair types, especially on fine hair.

Very Short Piece-y Haircut
Image: @be.you.tiful_salon_

4. Wavy Layered Bob

For all the women over 40 with thick hair who need a sexy short hairstyle that’s both modern and easy to manage…this one is definitely for you.

Modern Bob for Women Over 40 with Thick Hair
Image: @hair.by.krystin

5. Gray Undercut Haircut

Let’s see what we have in terms of short haircuts for women over 40 with fine hair. Here is a great option. Now, it may be a little too edgy for everyone to pull off, but if you want to inject a bit of toughness into your hair, you should try it out.

Undercut Haircut for Women Over 40
Image: @beckysneweffect

6. Dark Blonde Short Curls

It doesn’t get any cuter than this short curly haircut. Its best part is the curls because they are effortless-looking and not overly defined, giving the hair a natural appearance.

Short Curly Blonde Bob Haircut
Image: @o2salonmaine

7. Layered Short Bob

This is the epitome of the modern short Bob haircut. It’s expertly cut and shaped to frame the face, while also incorporating soft layers to bring movement and dimension.

Modern Short Layered Bob
Image: @hair.by.krystin

8. Tapered Pixie

If you have short hair over 40, you may not know exactly how to style it, fortunately, this is one of the best options for straight hair. While various hair types can benefit from this cropped look, it works best on those with thin hair.

Over 40 Tapered Pixie for Thin Hair
Image: @badapplehair

9. Silver Crop with Bangs

Don’t shy away from short length hair just because you’re in your forties, in fact, you should embrace it. A cute short haircut can flatter you and fit into your active lifestyle perfectly.

Cute Short Haircut with Bangs
Image: @hair_bynatgeezy

10. Dark Blonde Beach Curls

For those with curly hair, it can often be a challenge to find new ways to keep your curls looking new and fresh. That’s where this hairstyle comes in because it allows your curls to have a natural appearance and compliment your face.

Bob for Women with Curly Hair
Image: @versussalon

11. Swept-Back Blonde Crop

A layered short haircut should be full of texture. Unlike many other haircuts in this length, this one works so well because of the way it’s feathered and combed back, which adds a hint of dimension.

Layered Short Blonde Haircut
Image: @danoglamo

12. Gray Medium-Length Bob

If you have medium or medium short hair, a Bob in any length is always a great hairstyle option over 40. With such a chic cut you may embrace the popular silver hair color.

Gray Medium Short Bob Over 40
Image: @hairbyanaleejoy

13. Chocolate Bob with Bangs

Short straight hair flatters a round face if you choose an angled haircut. The chocolate brown color with subtle highlights works well with the beautifully tapered style.

Short Straight Bob for a Round Face
Image: @hair_bynatgeezy

14. Pixie with Long Bangs

If you have a chubby face, you may be hesitant to wear your hair short being afraid that your face will appear even fuller than it already is. Well, the perfect solution to that is to combine your short hair with bangs long enough to frame your face.

Tapered Long Pixie for a Chubby Face
Image: @hairbyjanetbiggers

15. Silver Messy Bob

Finding short haircuts that complement women with glasses can be a challenge, but all it takes is doing a little research. It’s important to remember that bangs that fall softly over your forehead and graze your glasses work best.

Bob Haircut for Women with Glasses
Image: @emilyandersonstyling

16. Short Pixie with Layers

Short blonde hair over 40 can look super chic. What makes this haircut work so well for mature women is the combination of long bangs, short sides, and platinum blonde color.

Short Blonde Hair with Layers Over 40
Image: @katelyn__mua

17. Medium Blonde Bob with Highlights

The true sign that a haircut has hit the mark is when it looks good in pictures from every angle, just like this one. However, the best thing about this style is the beautifully placed highlights.

Chin-Length Blonde Bob
Image: @hairbyjanetbiggers

18. Short Crop with Long Bangs

Short haircuts certainly don’t have to be boring—and this one proves it. Whether you’re young or mature, a haircut like this is guaranteed to turn heads.

Short Silver Haircut with Bangs
Image: @emilyandersonstyling

19. Blonde Spiky Cut

It may not be the type of haircut for everyone, but if you are brave or edgy enough to give it a try, it could work well for a woman who’s over 40.

Over 40 Short Spiky Blonde Cut
Image: @christinavita.hair

20. Red Bob with Highlights

The bob haircut is lovely, but the element that grabs attention is the red hair color punctuated with auburn highlights to provide depth and dimension.

Auburn Bob with Highlights
Image: @frostannas

21. Curly Pixie with Babylights

If you’ve ever had nightmares about cutting your curly hair short, perhaps you should give this option a chance. Since it’s tapered at the nape with longer curls on top, it’s very flattering.

Short Curly Tapered Pixie
Image: @vancityhairgirl

22. Short Shag with Highlights

When you want a bit of a rockstar edge while still maintaining a look that’s ideal for women over 40, this short, fun shag is pretty cute to try.

Short Shag Over 40
Image: @frostannas

23. Auburn Sleek Bob

Sophisticated, timeless, and perfect for a woman in her forties, these are just a few attributes to describe this gorgeous bob with a fiery auburn hue.

Auburn Bob with Bangs
Image: @vancityhairgirl

24. Messy Undercut Pixie

A regular pixie haircut is very feminine and chic, but if you’d like to spice things up, then this messy version provides a bit more personality.

Chic Messy Pixie with Undercut
Image: @workshopsalon

25. Long Blonde Pixie

The concentration of the layers around the crown is what gives this haircut its flattering shape and definition—two things that are always important when it comes to beautiful hair.

Long Pixie with Blonde Highlights
Image: @annbanan5

26. Dark Pink Crop

If your hair is thick and straight, consider a cut with multiple choppy layers and try a bold color. This dark pink with strawberry highlights is vivid yet not overboard.

Choppy Crop for Thick Straight Hair
Image: @lou.decola

27. Choppy Androgynous Cut

While it’s definitely not for the faint of heart, this haircut will certainly spark up a conversation and keep your hair from being boring.

Short Choppy Cut for Women Over 40
Image: @podwika_studio

28. Gray Asymmetric Bob

This bob haircut is so sexy that both young women and those who are older will be requesting it at their next salon appointment.

Asymmetric Bob for Gray Hair
Image: @prymebeauty

29. Black Choppy Bob

The deeply parted side bangs coupled with choppy layers placed throughout, make this lovely haircut stand out from the crowd.

Ear-Length Choppy Bob
Image: @michelleleep

30. Feathered Bob for Thick Hair

This haircut is not as short as many looks in this round-up, but it’s still short enough to eliminate the hassle of styling when you don’t have time.

Blonde Bob with Feathered Layers
Image: @calista.salon

31. Chocolate Piece-y Crop

Elegant and fuss-free are perhaps the best ways to describe the haircut in this picture. The main accent is the long bangs that are feathered and swept to one side.

Elegant Crop with Side Bangs
Image: @hairbyjuleg

32. Gray and Lavender Bob

Once again, bob haircuts reign supreme when it comes to offering a flattering hairstyle option for women over 40.

Gray Bob for Women Over 40
Image: @jgregorysalon

33. Razor Cut Pixie

Yet another way to rock a short pixie cut and give it a personalized spin. Adding a razor cut finish is what sets this version apart from the others.

Blonde Razored Pixie Cut
Image: @ashley_clarke345

34. Wavy Bob with Caramel Highlights

If you have thick and naturally wavy hair, here is a perfect short hairstyle to embrace your texture instead of working against it.

Short Shaggy Bob for Thick Wavy Hair
Image: @maygovintage

35. Dark Blonde Asymmetric Bob

Your short cut can be pretty voluminous on top, like this cropped bob with feathered layers and bangs. This is an interesting idea for slim women.

Short Blonde Bob Cut with Bangs
Image: @fantasiaparrucchieri

36. Sliced Blonde Crop

Whether you’re overweight or feel like your face is fuller than you would like, wearing a short haircut can be scary. However, if you opt for a sliced cut with longer bangs, you shouldn’t worry.

Sliced Crop for Overweight Women
Image: @hairwizard_jaclyn

37. Flipped Shag

Take it back to the good old days with this flipped shag haircut that was first popularized back in the 1960s.

Medium Shag Haircut for Women Over 40
Image: @luxmachine

38. Textured Bob

Such images with lived-in looks are most appealing in our time. Women don’t want to look prim and proper in everyday life. The ease and low-maintenance are highly estimated.

Low-Maintenance Textured Bronde Bob
Image: @hairandmakeupbyaustin

39. Side-Parted Pixie

You basically won’t have to do anything with a haircut like this, except get up and go!

Tapered Pixie with a Side Part
Image: @thegoodhairdays

40. Auburn Tapered Cut

The slightly longer hair at the nape of the neck and the fringed sides give the short haircut a nice variety of length and texture.

Over 40 Tapered Auburn Pixie
Image: @abbeycosdenhair

As you can see, there are many ideas to choose from when looking through short haircuts for women over 40. The key to finding your perfect hairstyle is to remember to be fearless, but also consider your hair type.