Short shag haircuts, be it a bold shaggy pixie or an eye-catching shaggy bob, all feature multiple choppy layers that result in a trendy messy hairstyle. They are created with the help of the razor-cutting technique aimed at producing more texture on short hair.

If you are lucky and your stylist is incredible in chic haircuts, feel free to sit down in a chair, give yourself into professional hands, and count on the best result. But before settling on something, it makes sense to google a little (especially if it’s your first shag cut). And we’re here to help you. Meet our compilation of short shaggy styles to get you inspired for your next trip to a hairstylist.

1. Wedge Cut Shag

A well-executed wedge cut shag makes thin hair feel thicker. This style looks gorgeous with moderate shortening on the top and without much thinning to the ends.

Short Shaggy Hairstyle For Fine Hair

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2. Curly Shag

A good hairstylist will ensure the layers enhance the natural curl pattern rather than disrupt it. It’s generally better to cut curly hair dry to accurately see how the curls fall and to avoid unexpected shrinkage once the hair dries.

Shorter Shag For Curly Hair

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3. Shaggy French Bob

Just have a look at how hot a shaggy French bob can be. Thick wavy hair can hold the shape of any haircut. A couple of touches with a curling iron – and a lovely look is ready.

Lovely Short Cut For Thick Wavy Hair

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4. Shag on Fine Straight Hair

Short shag cuts are ideal for fine straight hair as they add texture and volume, making the hair appear thicker and more dynamic. When asking for this cut at the salon, request layers that create movement and body and discuss a manageable length that suits your lifestyle.

Short Bedhead Hairstyle For Thin Hair

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5. Shag with Short Bangs

A shag with charming short bangs is an option if you want to radiate a bit of French vibe. Look how aptly this straight hair texture is emphasized by the shaggy haircut that oozes lightness and Parisian charm.

Short-To-Medium Shaggy Haircut

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6. Medium Shaggy Bob

We’re in love with this amazing medium-length shaggy bob. Look how beautifully the layered loсks frame the face. No surprise that it’s the most popular messy bob haircut.

Shaggy Layered Bob

via @stonekinghair

7. Wavy Bob with Shaggy Layers

Wavy texture and a shaggy bob are a match made in heaven. They complement each other well, as the layers in the bob enhance natural waves, creating a voluminous and textured hairstyle.

Bob With Bangs For Curly Hair

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8. Stacked Shaggy Bob

Stacking adds volume and dimension to this shaggy bob. Styled with soft bends, dressed up with large curls, or just smooth and shiny like glass – the haircut looks fantastic in any version.

Messy Stacked Bob

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9. Ear-Length Layered Bob

The stacked layers in the back and slightly curled front strands create a very cute inverted bob. They reduce weight and add movement, preventing the hair from looking bulky.

Cute Short Inverted Bob

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10. Stacked Bob with Short Layers

This layered stacked bob with an elevated crown looks very fresh and stylish, especially when coupled with sun-kissed strands. By altering the steepness of the stack, you can find angles that flatter your features.

Stylish Layered Pixie Bob

via @deberardinis

11. Side-Swept Short Shag

If you look for a short shag to flatter a round face, consider this side-swept shaggy bob. Lifted at the back, it shifts the volume upwards slimming down the face and making your facial features more delicate and romantic.

Layered Bob For A Round Face

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12. Bubble Curly Shag

This black bubble shag with layering and bangs running from the very crown looks relaxed and playful. Such a haircut perfectly frames the face, refreshes you, and takes away a couple of years.

Short Curly Black Bob

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13. Wolf Cut Shag

This short blonde wolf cut features textured layers throughout, giving this style a playful and edgy vibe. This haircut has an eyebrow-length fringe that flawlessly blends into the shorter top layers of the shag.

Short Messy Hairstyle

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14. Spiky Shaggy Pixie

Spiky shaggy pixies look very sexy and trendy, generating a fantastic feeling that you’re on the cutting edge of fashion. If you are drawn to bold hairstyles that complement an active lifestyle, you will love a spiky shaggy pixie.

Over Short Shaggy Stylish Haircut


15. Permed Shag

If you are looking to add volume and texture to thin straight hair, opt for a permed shag. Limp hair can benefit from the added bounce and definition that perm grants. You can enjoy the illusion of thicker strands created by the perm’s texture.

Classic Medium Shag Haircut

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16. Shag on Naturally Wavy Hair

Short shags are perfect for naturally wavy hair because the layered cut boosts the hair’s natural texture, creating an effortlessly tousled look. This fashionable style with bangs and delicate waves is charming and easy-care.

Wispy Wavy Shag For Thin Hair

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17. Chin-Length Shag

The chin-length shag in combination with a soft wheat blonde shade creates a delicate, feminine silhouette. Together with side-swept bangs, the shaggy layers fashionably frame the face.

Chin-Length Tousled Bob

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18. Messy Shag

Without any doubt, wispy strands with a lot of layers and half-moon bangs are just the thing for those with thin, wavy hair. Skillfully layered, the strands add to the fuller, more voluminous shape.

Short Shaggy Haircut For Gray Hair

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19. Undercut Messy Pixie

The chin-length bob favorably opens the neck, creating a very feminine and tender look. It goes well with side bangs and tousled layers.

Shaggy Pixie With Undercut

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20. Razored Shag with Disconnected Undercut

This cheeky trendy pixie with a disconnected undercut and long strands on the crown will suit the most daring girls. It’s hard to come up with something more refreshing and spicy.

Very Short Shaggy Cut With Undercut

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With these 20 trendy haircut ideas, you can find the perfect style to showcase your personality and embrace your natural texture. From edgy layers to playful curls, there’s a shag haircut to suit every woman. Update your look and enjoy the versatility and chic appeal of a short shag today!