Rose gold hair color is a perfect blend of elegance and whimsy. This stunning shade has taken the beauty world by storm and is the perfect way to breathe new life into your tresses.

Whether you’re a natural blonde looking to spice things up or a brunette ready for a bold change, we’ve got you covered with 40 dazzling hairstyles with rose and golden undertones to feel radiant and fabulous. Get prepared to be inspired for your next show-stopping look!

1. Dark Rose Gold Balayage

Think the rose gold hair trend is only for blondes? Think again! If you’ve got dark brown hair or any other color, you can rock a gorgeous rose gold shade too. Achieving this mesmerizing hue of rose gold on dark hair might require a little extra effort, but it’s worth it!

Long Wavy Dark Rose Cold Hair

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2. Coppery Rose Gold

Start by lightening your dark tresses with professional help, and then let the magic of rose gold take over. Add a splash of copper at the roots to achieve a perfect blend of color. The captivating mix of warm pinks and lustrous golds will give you stunning hair color.

Dark Rose Gold Bob Haircut

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3. Blonde Rose Gold

If you want to get inspired by vibrant hair ideas that effortlessly exude sophistication with a touch of playfulness, consider this enchanting blend. This stunning combination beautifully balances light hair with warm rose gold undertones, creating a chic and radiant look.

Long Thick Blonde Rose Gold Hair

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4. With Blonde Money Piece

Consider your skin tone when selecting your ideal blonde rose gold shade. If you have cool undertones, choose rose gold with more pinkish hues, while warm undertones can rock a richer, golden rose gold. For a more dimensional look, dye your front pieces blonde while leaving the rest of the tresses pink.

Long Rose Gold Hair with Blonde Highlights

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5. Strawberry Rose Gold

If you’re on the hunt for a hair color trend that’s both sweet and sassy, consider the dazzling blend of rose gold and strawberry blonde hair. This striking combination adds a playful twist to the ever-popular hair dye, creating a multidimensional look that’s both unique and smashing.

Long Rose Gold and Strawberry Blonde Hair

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6. With Vibrant Streaks

For a pop of color, consider adding some pastel color stripes. The color-block hair will redefine how you see a rose old hair shade. The best thing? It works wonders for every skin tone! Whether you have fair, medium, or deep skin, this versatile blend complements a wide range of complexions, adding elegance and charm to your overall appearance.

Long Rose Gold hair with Pastel Highlights

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7. Rose Gold Brunette

We are calling all brunettes! If you dream of adding a touch of oomph to your natural brown hair, the dark rose gold color is here to make your hair goals a reality! The hair tone looks deeper and more sophisticated on darker locks.

Rose Gold Highlights on Long Brown Hair

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8. Smokey Rose Gold

Get that mesmerizing shade of rose gold on light brown hair without causing damage. Your colorist will start by pre-lightening your hair with a gentle method like balayage or highlights to create a perfect canvas for the rose gold transformation. Next, they will apply a high-quality rose gold hair dye that nourishes your strands, ensuring a lustrous and healthy finish.

Rose Gold Hues on Brown Hair

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9. Rose Gold Ombre

Get ready to be spellbound by this color inspiration! This delightful trend combines the popular ombre technique with rose gold hues, resulting in a seamless gradient that transitions from dark brown hair to rose gold.

Rose Gold Ombre on Dark Straight Hair

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10. Deep-Dyed Rose Gold Hair

Skilled colorists use a careful hand-painting technique to achieve a stunning pinky shade on golden blonde tresses. The result? A breathtaking and dimensional hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go.

Blonde to Rose Gold Ombre on Short Haircut

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11. Baby Pink Hair

Looking for a brighter and funkier take? Say hello to a rose gold pink mane with a touch of baby pink! This unique and vibrant pink hair color infuses the classic rose gold hue with deep pink hues, creating a look as charming as bold.

Rose Gold Hair with Pink Highlights

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12. Bubblegum Rose Gold

Whether you opt for an all-over pink transformation or subtle pink highlights to your light, rose gold base, this whimsical twist on the trend will turn heads and make a stylish statement. So, what would you say? Ready to join the rose gold fan club now?

Rose Gold and Pink Color on Long Wavy Hair

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13. Dark Champagne

Looking for a hair color that exudes sheer luxury and festive elegance? Google Champagne Dark Rose Gold Hair! This exquisite shade is a luxurious twist on the trend, boasting a perfect blend of warm gold hair and delicate pink undertones.

Dark Rose Gold Hair with Champagne Hues

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14. Pale Rose Gold

Ideal for various skin tones, this lighter version of a rose gold shade exudes sophistication and celebration. Whether you’re attending a special event or want to feel like a star in your everyday life, this champagne pink hue will make you stand out most elegantly and festively possible.

Dark Rose Gold Color on Lob

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15. Subtle Rose Gold Tint

For those with pale skin tones seeking a dreamy hair color that’s both delicate and dazzling, look no further than this example! This barely-there pinkish hue delicately softens your blonde hair, creating a pale pink hair color that’s both enchanting and refined.

Rose Gold Blonde Hair on Thick Hair Texture

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16. Pastel Rose Gold

The magic of this rose gold look lies in its ability to soften your overall appearance, adding a touch of warmth without overpowering your natural beauty. This washed pink hue adds softness to the whole look, enhancing warm skin undertones.

Blonde to Rose Gold Color on Long Wavy Hair

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17. Dark Rose Gold Highlights

Want to add a touch of pizzazz to your dark locks without going all-in on a complete color change? Try rose gold highlights! These glossy highlights work wonders for dark hair, offering a stunning contrast that complements your natural base.

Long Dark Hair with Dark Rose Highlights

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18. Magenta Rose Gold

From face-framing subtle rose gold highlights to strategically placed hot pink strands, there are various ways to incorporate this fantastic hue into your dark locks. Whether you prefer a delicate, barely-there touch or a bolder statement, rose gold highlights in magenta shade allow you to experiment, adding a touch of glam and radiance to your overall look.

Dark Rose Color on Naturally Black Hair

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19. Barby Rose Gold

This face-framing style adds a splash of color to natural hair tone. The pinky strands are here to whisk you away to a world of dreamy enchantment! The ethereal blend of soft pink and warm gold shades creates a whimsical and romantic look that’s perfect for anyone seeking a touch of magic in their hair.

Rose Gold Peekaboo on Pastel Hair Color

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20. Multi-Layered

This vibrant shade of rosy pink is incredibly versatile and suits various complexions. From fair to medium to dark complexion, this fairy-tale hue, especially when paired with dark roots, will leave you feeling like a princess!

Long Gray Hair with Pink Highlights

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21. Rose Gold Highlights on Black Hair

The juxtaposition of the dark richness of black hair with rose gold highlights creates a mesmerizing, bold, and sophisticated contrast. Opt for deeper rose gold shades with hints of copper or mahogany to complement the dark base beautifully.

Rose Gold Highlights on Medium Length Dark Hair


22. Bright Rose Gold

This delightful fusion of darker hair tones and vibrant strands adds dimension and infuses a touch of warmth and radiance. The result is a stunning look that’s impossible to ignore!

Rose Gold Highlights on Long Wavy Dark Hair

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23. Rose Gold Balayage

Long straight hair gets an irresistible upgrade with the magic of rose gold balayage! This trendy technique seamlessly weaves your brunette hair with rose gold shades, creating a natural sun-kissed effect.

Rose Gold Balayage on Dark Hair

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24. Cotton Candy

The advantage of this style is its low-maintenance charm – as your hair grows, the graceful transition between your natural hue and the rose gold tones remains effortlessly chic. So, whether you’re a free spirit or a corporate pro, this pinky hue on dark locks promises to keep you looking effortlessly fabulous at every turn!

Rose Gold Balayage on Long Naturally Dark Hair

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25. Copper Rose Gold Highlights

The copper and rose gold color blend is an absolute stunner on brown hair! This dynamic combination infuses your brunette locks with depth and dimension, thanks to the warm undertones of both shades.

Rose Gold and Copper Highlights on Brown Hair

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26. Fiery Rose

The combination of pink, orange, red, and purple tones creates the effect of a burning rose-gold flame on your hair. Together, they create a harmonious dance of colors that perfectly complements your brunette hair, making you the envy of every hair trend enthusiast!

Rose Gold and Copper Highlights on Bixie Cut

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27. Peachy Rose Gold

When making a statement with short gold hair, the blend of peach hair with rose gold hues is a knockout choice! Picture this: the soft blush of peach seamlessly intertwined with the charm of rose gold shade while maintaining your edgy short hairdo.

Light Gold Rose Highlights on Peach Hair Color

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28. Rose Gold Beige

Tired of your beige-blonde hair? How about adding rosy and golden tones to it? The secret to nailing this look lies in creating an even tone that allows this lovely blend of colors to pop truly.

Rose Gold Hues on Long Blonde Hair

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29. Light Berry

Imagine the mesmerizing fusion of platinum rose gold blonde hair cascading down on long straight hair! This dreamy combination marries the icy allure of platinum with the warm embrace of rose gold, resulting in an ethereal and vibrant hue.

Pink Hues on Platinum Blonde Hair

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30. Icy Rose Gold

To achieve this flawless look, choose the cold shade of blonde to complement the rose gold tone. The color combo enhances your neutral skin tones and brings out unique facial features without washing you out.

Messy Platinum Blonde Hair with Light Rose Highlights


31. Metallic Rose Gold

Explore the enchanting rose gold spectrum with a metallic rose hair transformation. From a blonde rose gold pixie cut to longer locks, this trend adds an edgy shimmer to the classic hue.

Metallic Rose Gold Color on Long Wolf Cut

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32. Purple Rose Gold

Achieving this gradient color involves blending deeper and more saturated rose gold tones with hints of purple, creating a stunning reflective sheen. The result? A multidimensional and luminous finish that sets you apart, giving your look a modern and sophisticated flair.

Metallic Rose Gold Color on Straight Long Dark Hair

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33. Red Rose Gold

Marrying the depth of red undertones with the delicate charm of pastel pink tones, this hair color is a fabulous choice for long wavy locks. This trend effortlessly blends the fiery allure with the soft warmth, creating a striking yet harmonious look.

Red and Rose Gold Hues on Short Wavy Hair

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34. Bright Rose Gold with Underlayer Color

Liven up your vivid new hair color with different shades of red and pink to make the rose gold shade even more vivid and bright! The secret lies in expertly weaving the red hues through your base, allowing the pastel-pink tones to dance delicately.

Red Rose and Black Highlights on Naturally Dark Hair

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35. Rose Gold Bob

Elevate the classic inverted bob cut with pale pink tones, adding charm to this classy bob haircut. This rose gold trend not only adds depth and volume to your sleek bob but also accentuates the clean lines and angles of the cut.

Messy Rose Gold Bob Cut

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36. Blush Rose Gold

Incorporating slightly darker roots into a rose gold bob creates an edgy and refined dynamic contrast. Get ready to rock a hairstyle that beautifully fuses chic sophistication with a hint of whimsy in your fabulous rose gold bob!

Metallic Rose Hues on Bob Cut

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37. Braided Rose Gold Hairstyle

Elevate your braided hair game with the sparkling glamor of rose gold braiding hair. The delicate strands in shades of rose gold intricately woven into your natural hair will create a stunning tapestry that dances with your every move.

Braided Rose Gold Hairstyle

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38. Classic Rose Gold Hair

To make these rosy and golden hues blend seamlessly through your tresses, combine thicker and thinner braids, allowing the colors to intertwine and create an eye-catching show. You will surely end up with a braided masterpiece that exudes elegance and individuality, ensuring all eyes are on you and your fabulous rose gold braided hairstyle!

Braided Rose Gold Hairstyle on Long Straight Hair

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39. Washed Out Rose Gold

If you’re after a hair color that exudes understated charm, look no further than the ethereal beauty of washed-out rose gold. The light and pale rose gold hues create a whisper-soft pink shade that delicately graces your locks.

Washed Out Rose Gold Color on Long Wavy Hair

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40. Light Pink

This gentle approach to the rose gold trend allows for a seamless blend with your natural color, giving you an effortlessly chic look. This lighter shade of pink will help you embrace the subtle elegance that adds a touch of magic to your style in the most delicate way!

Washed Out Rose Gold Color on Straight Bob Cut

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