In this article, you can find loads of hairstyles for women over 60 that will make anyone jealous of your look. How would you feel if your grand-daughter came and told you how much she loved your hairstyle? What about if she wants one exactly like yours? Everything is possible with these 40 cute styles!

1. Platinum Blonde Pixie. Being a 60 year old woman doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish every day. Get a pixie haircut and choose your favorite shade of blonde for a fantastic look.

Blonde Pixie for a 60 Year Old Woman
Image: @deanallynsalon

2. Medium Shag for Thin Hair. Women with thin hair have a real struggle finding the perfect haircut. Get a medium-length textured shag with some wispy bangs to cover your forehead.

Medium Shag for Women with Thin Hair
Image: @theladyarmstrong

3. Voluminous Brunette Shag. One of the best hairstyles for women over 60 involves messy layers and bangs. This mix will make you look young and gorgeous.

Shag for Women Over 60
Image: @patricciuti

4. Longer Haircut with Layers. For women that are 60 and up, long hair is still an appealing option. A haircut with textured ends that curl naturally or with styling tools creates an interesting and stylish look appropriate in any setting.

60 and Up Longer Textured Haircut
Image: @qtwithabeauty

5. Tapered White Pixie. Get the perfect haircut for your straight hair! This flattering pixie for women aged 60 and over is chic, feminine, and tender like a feather. Don’t hide your gray hair; make it shine with a proper hairstyle.

60 and Over Flattering Pixie for Straight Hair
Image: @aalamsalon

6. Medium White Shag. White and gray hair looks so great if you know how to wear it! Get a medium layered cut for your wavy hair and style it slightly tousled in a modern way. Get ready for the transformation that will certainly change the way you feel about yourself.

Modern Medium Shag for Wavy Hair
Image: @anhcotran

7. Curly White Pixie. Permed short curly hair guarantees a fun effortless look. With perm, you won’t need to style your hair in the morning. A little tousle, and you are good to go.

Over 60 Permed Short Curly Pixie
Image: @fred.hfx

8. Short Layered Gray Bob. Here is a very good haircut for a woman in her 60’s. It will give you an elegant appearance and the comfort of knowing you look decent no matter what. Embrace some layers and you’ll get more volume in your hair.

Elegant Short Gray Bob for Older Women
Image: @qtwithabeauty

9. Messy Curly Bob with Bangs. Curly hair is a blessing at any age. Bangs and balayage highlights are undoubtedly good choices if you want to emphasize your curls.

60+ Bob with Bangs for Curly Hair
Image: @melmattison

10. Silver White Long Hairstyle. Congratulations if you’ve managed to keep your hair long and healthy! It’s gorgeous! Give it a youthful touch by adding some asymmetrical bangs. Even teenagers will adore your look.

Youthful Long Haircut for Women Over 60
Image: @bearomanov

11. Brown Medium Bob Haircut. Bob hairstyles are recommended if you want to feel elegant and stylish all the time. Get a chocolate brown color for your fresh cut, and we guarantee that you’ll adore your new look.

Brown Bob Over 60
Image: @balayage_bri

12. Combed Back Pixie. This hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces and glasses. You can easily style a pompadour for an elegant look that pairs well with statement frames and printed neck scarves.

Pixie for Round Faces and Glasses
Image: @larssonlange

13. Medium Auburn Hairstyle. Create some great easy curls, and you’ll give your hair a beautiful modern touch. Part your hair to the side for a youthful appearance.

60+ Great Modern Medium Haircut
Image: @mirrormirrorsalonmh

14. Razored Blonde Bob. This is a very good option for you if you seek a carefree, easy-to-style hairdo. Fluffy cuts pair wonderfully with cashmere jumpers!

Fluffy Blonde Bob for Older Women
Image: @lamodasalongalveston

15. Sleek A-Line Bob. A short to medium A-line is something you must try for straight hair. Complement it with a luminous color and be ready to shine.

A-Line Bob for Straight Hair
Image: @safk_hair

16. Short Bob with Root Lift. This is certainly a hairstyle that suits 60 and plus women. Flat, limp hair normally doesn’t flatter anyone, while hairstyles with some lift at the roots work great for all women, especially older ladies. Throw the bangs backward and let them fan out above the ear.

Short Bob for 60 and Plus Women
Image: @anashairsalon

17. Medium Blonde Hairstyle. Blend different shades of blonde such as butter and caramel and spread them through a cute medium haircut with layers – you’ll get one of the best medium length hairstyles!

The Best Blonde Medium Length Haircut
Image: @decesarehairsalon

18. Short Bob with Swoopy Bangs. This rounded gray blonde bob is breathtaking! Now they know how to make graying hair look beautiful. The angled swoopy bangs are a pretty accent of the look.

Short Rounded Gray Blonde Bob
Image: @neighborhoodsalon

19. Layered Dark Blonde Haircut. Thicker hair can afford longer lengths and some luxurious layers. A customized hair color will make you look beautiful always, even when your hair is not freshly washed.

Medium Haircut with Layers for Thick Hair
Image: @kellyleigh87

20. Soft Feathered Pixie. A soft frame around your face provides a younger look. Pixie hairstyles suit older women so well because they make the ladies of elegant age look stylish.

Feathered Pixie for Older Women
Image: @patricciuti

21. Side-Parted Blonde Bob. Being a 60 year old woman, you can wear the same trendy hairstyles that you see on younger women. You may want to avoid unnatural hair colors and eccentric looks, but a chic platinum bob like this is absolutely within your reach.

Trendy Blonde Bob for a 60 Year Old Woman
Image: @beautyinspo_erika

22. Inverted Brown Bob. If you want a new look that will make your hair shine, choose a brown bob and add some subtle highlights.

60+ Inverted Brunette Bob with Highlights
Image: @ashliemberlyn

23. Dark Brown Long Haircut. An oval face looks so well with long hair! Get a basic haircut and create some loose curls at the bottom of your strands.

Over 60 Long Haircut for an Oval Face

24. Magenta Bob with Bangs. Getting older some women wish to add brightness to their looks. While you may quickly get bored with such a vivid hair color, consider the medium layered cut pictured here. It’s a worthy option if you choose to stay close to your natural hair color.

Medium Layered Bob with Bangs
Image: @thesalonpeople

25. A-Line Lob with Baby Bangs. This look is bold enough even though it sticks to a discreet solid hair color. A lob like this goes perfectly with bangs cut short, above your eyebrows.

Bold Lob with Short Bangs
Image: @salonswankstpete

26. Mid-Length Shaggy Haircut. If not a bob what else can you go for? This mid length shag hairstyle has it all – volume, texture, highlights, and bangs. What’s not to love about it?

Mid Length Shag Haircut with Bangs
Image: @linda_carmineandco

27. Sleek Silver Bowl Cut. If you think a short stylish hairstyle is what you need, this blunt bowl haircut is a MUST for you! Also, it’s perfect if you are a woman over 60 who wants to look younger with super short hair.

Over 60 Short Silver Bowl Cut
Image: @larssonlange

28. Silver Gray Pixie. Pixies are one of the best haircuts for women over 60, and even if you are slightly overweight, hairstyles like the one in the picture can be discussed with your stylist.

Silver Gray Pixie for Women Over 60
Image: @ginagriegohair

29. Short Razored Pixie. Forget prim and proper looks – they may make you look older. This spiky pixie with highlights is a good example of a “young”, bold haircut for an active personality.

Short Spiky Pixie
Image: @aalamsalon

30. Honey Blonde Short Bob. Such a soft bob is one of the best solutions for square faces. Keep your hair no shorter than the chin-length and add some textured arched bangs.

Short Bob for Square Faces
Image: @sleeksalonandspa

31. Flowy Lob with Blonde Balayage. Shoulder length hair looks so good if you choose to dye your hair light blonde. Try a customized balayage that will make you look gorgeous.

Shoulder Length Blonde Balayage Lob
Image: @hairbykenneth

32. Long Pixie for Fine Hair. A hairstyle like this is good for women with round faces because it makes such a great framing and looks quite edgy, but not over-the-top.

Over 60 Pixie-Bob for Women with Round Faces
Image: @balayagedbybritt

33. Medium Cut for Thin Hair. Even if you are turning 60, your hair can look marvelous. This soft medium haircut works so well with fine hair and glasses.

Medium Cut for Thin Fine Hair and Glasses
Image: @salonswankstpete

34. Rounded Bob with Layered Front. Medium-to-short haircuts are something you should choose if you don’t want to struggle with long hair but still look feminine and glamorous like Anna Wintour.

Layered Short Bob Haircut Over 60
Image: @hileyhairclub

35. Long Brown Hair with Highlights. If you have thick beautiful hair, why not take advantage of it? Embrace some chic wide highlights and feathered layers for better definition and volume in your luxurious hair.

Long Brunette Hair with Highlights
Image: @sashayoung_doeshair

36. Neat Tapered Pixie. A short pixie is perfect for women with glasses! You can keep your hair very short on both sides and sweep your longer bangs backward. Subtle highlights will define your flawless layers.

Short Tapered Pixie with Glasses
Image: @pompandproper

37. Messy Pixie Haircut. Older women can look so much younger with a wonderful hairstyle like this. The shaggy texture and light color soften the signs of aging.

Shaggy Pixie Haircut for Older Women

38. Outgrown Pixie with Long Sideburns. Wedge haircuts are just the thing you need if you have thick gorgeous hair. Such short hairstyles like this one are among the best ideas for women over 60. And you can see why below!

Wedge Haircut Over 60
Image: @davidthesalon

39. Medium Hairstyle with Flipped Up Layers. Modern women in their 60 s should wear gray hair proudly. It’s easy with the pretty hairstyles that we have in our review. Feel free to borrow ideas!

Medium Gray Style for Women in Their 60s
Image: @kellyleigh87

40. Short-To-Medium Piece-y Cut. With thick hair, you can unleash your creativity and get whatever look you like. Many women aged 60 and older easily enter their second youth with a new hairstyle and enjoy being romantic, feminine, and hopeful again.

60 and Older Short Cut for Thick Hair
Image: @lamodasalongalveston

Long, medium, or short, there are plenty of worthy hairstyles for women over 60, and we’d love to find out which one of these pictures is your favorite! Tell us which one you are eager to try!