Having trouble finding short hairstyles for fine hair? While it can be difficult to style this type of hair, there is certainly no shortage of options for you. Whether it’s a bob with faux volume or a pixie cut with lots of layers, there is something that’ll work. Get ready to be inspired!

1. Icy Blonde Bob

Do you like short bob hairstyles for fine hair? This one pulls out all the stops, including volume, peek-a-boo bangs, and length.

Short Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @thatgirlpurvis

2. Wave Action

If you’re looking for easy to manage short hairstyles for fine hair, look no further than this wavy cutie. Soft waves, shades of gorgeous blonde, and texture to boot!

Easy to Manage Short Wavy Bob
Image: @marci_and_the_mane

3. Low Maintenance Cut for Short Fine Hair

The soft inverted bob might be for you if you want something low maintenance yet sassy.

Inverted Bob for Short Fine Hair
Image: @chrisjones_hair

4. Pretty Silver Pixie

Short hairstyles for fine thin hair include this personality-packing pixie in soft silver. Show off your cheekbones and gorgeous eyes!

Silver Pixie for Fine Thin Hair
Image: @rachelwstylist

5. Messy Bob with Voluminous Waves

Fine hair looks its best when given wavy styling, and the bigger the waves the better. The side part keeps it modern, and the waves say flirty.

Wavy Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @ms_mary_lou

6. Textured Bob for Straight Hair

A short hairstyle with bangs for fine hair looks ultra-mod given a choppy cut. Use your fingers to stir the strands and give them movement.

Short Bob with Bangs for Fine Straight Hair
Image: @anhcotran

7. Voluminous Undercut Pixie

When it comes to short haircuts for fine thin hair, the volume is where it’s at. Concentrate it at the crown of the head and make hairspray your best friend.

Short Pixie for Fine Thin Hair
Image: @shmoakin_hair

8. Uneven Wavy Bob

Do you like wavy hair? Curl the ends of your uneven bob, leaving the underneath straight. Your hair will look thicker than it actually is!

Wavy Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @headrushdesigns

9. Long Face-Framing Pixie

For women with short fine hair, a shapely pixie like this works wonders to frame the face and bring out the classic beauty.

Classic Long Pixie for Short Fine Hair
Image: @susanfordhair

10. Bob with Shadow Roots

Make your straight strands lay somewhat messy for a more voluminous look. With bright highlights and shadow roots, this style gives a little more to look at.

Messy Straight Bob with Highlights
Image: @hairdesignby_tay

11. Short and Sassy Pixie

When it comes to square faces and fine hair, the edgy pixie with long piece-y bangs is a cool idea. Be bold and go very short with your next style! When we see you walking down the street, we’ll all know where the sass is coming from!

Pixie for Square Faces and Fine Hair
Image: @hairbysarayyc

12. Blonde Choppy Pixie

Need an all-out makeover? A pixie with long bangs and short spiky pieces in the back will do the trick! Add in contrasting colors to really stand out.

Short Spiky Choppy Pixie
Image: @vasia.kirilyk

13. Wavy Shaggy Bob with Bangs

We have a feeling Marilyn Monroe would be proud of this short shaggy cut that is the perfect blend of feminine and edgy.

Short Shaggy Bob Cut
Image: @singi.vo

14. Highlighted Bob

A short asymmetrical bob gets an updated look with highlights sure to catch the autumn’s sun. Who can stand a chance against this sassy cut?

Highlighted Sassy Bob
Image: @corynneylon_hair

15. Always on Trend

Short layered haircuts for fine hair, like this one reminiscent of actress Meg Ryan’s in You’ve Got Mail, are low maintenance and always on-trend.

Short Layered Pixie Haircut for Fine Hair
Image: @alexandraefst

16. Maximum Movement

A layered short haircut for straight fine hair will give you all the movement you want without the high maintenance you don’t want.

Bob Haircut for Straight Fine Hair
Image: @styled_by_carolynn

17. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

The short asymmetrical hairstyle incorporates wavy locks that give the illusion of thickness. But unlike thick hair, it’s easier to manage.

Short Asymmetrical Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @headrushdesigns

18. Side-Parted Sassy Style

Show off your sassy side with an uneven side part. The classic A-line shape works for fine hair as well. The look is delicate and very feminine.

Sassy A-line Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @studioy

19. Messy Pixie

Aiming for a short easy-to-manage cut? Go for a short spiky pixie with bangs that can be easily shaped across the forehead.

Easy Short Spiky Messy Pixie Hairstyle
Image: @esursanov

20. Beach Hair Bob

The wavy locks of this beauty ooze a relaxed vibe and they are short enough to be quickly straightened for a professional look.

Wavy Beach Blonde Bob
Image: @donovanmillshair

21. Blonde Wedge

As we get older, it can seem difficult to find an age-appropriate cut. Wedge hairstyles are perfect for all ages and flattering for every face shape.

Blonde Wedge Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @dillahajhair

22. Delicately Feathered Bob

How to succeed with short bob hairstyles for fine hair? Try this super cute short asymmetrical cut that pumps up the volume at the crown. Alternate blowouts and loose curls.

Short Asymmetrical Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @thximenes

23. Shaggy Blonde Bob

A ton of texture on the wavy bob means this fine haired beauty actually looks like she’s packed with volume. Help texture along with a style spray.

Shaggy Wavy Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @chrisjones_hair

24. Wavy Platinum Pixie

Think you’ve got what it takes to rock a very short platinum ‘do? Tell your stylist to let the scissors take over and create the new bold you.

Short Wavy Pixie
Image: @gerilynghaisarzadeh

25. Short Straight Bob

The best styling products out there are the ones that help your fine hair stay healthy. Use a smooth serum or conditioning treatment on a straight hairdo like this to always look your best.

Best Straight Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @beautyby.jaden

26. Messy Wavy Gray Blonde Bob

A hot date night requires a sassy and flirty hairstyle. Use a curling iron or a styling spray to get perfectly styled curls.

Sassy Wavy Bob Hairstyle
Image: @styled_by_carolynn

27. Blonde Wedge with Face Framing

Another cute wedge cut, this time involving a slight undercut and layers. The face-framing bangs ensure you keep the length you love at the manageable maintenance level.

Cute Blonde Wedge Cut for Fine Hair
Image: @hairbyamyelaine

28. Update for Short Hair

Got short hair and need an update? One quick way to do it is to throw in some waves for a beautiful messy, wind-blown look. Fine curly hair in shorter lengths is adorable, whether it’s natural or styled.

Messy Bob for Short Fine Curly Hair
Image: @dillahajhair

29. Short Spiky Pixie

A pixie with a different take. Rather than the typical straight pieces on top, use your fingers and a bit of light hold product to scrunch in texture and show off the gradation of length throughout the cut.

Straight Spiky Pixie Cut
Image: @vasia.kirilyk

30. Straight Angled Choppy Bob

If you’re not ready to go super short, an angled bob is the way to go. Keep face-framing pieces long, and cut the back short and off the neck.

Angled Bob for Straight Hair
Image: @rtaigen

31. Long Tapered Pixie

The stunning wintry blonde belongs on a stunning woman. Sassy long pixie cuts like this one are at the top of the list of the best short haircuts for fine hair.

Sassy Short Pixie for Fine Hair
Image: @megumicolor

32. Textured Pixie Bob

How to create a flattering look for short fine hair and round faces? Check this short asymmetrical cut. It makes the round face slimmer with multiple elongated layers and diagonal bangs.

Pixie Bob for Fine Hair and Round Faces
Image: @emily_yvonne_

33. Highlighted and Low Maintenance

Easy to manage short hairstyles for fine hair like this blonde wispy shortie should be on your radar if you’re a busy woman.

Easy to Manage Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @hairbycassiebond

34. Undercut Asymmetrical Pixie

Enter the fall with warm golden tones on a dark base and a new short asymmetrical pixie cut.

Short Asymmetrical Pixie with Undercut
Image: @styledbyalicia

35. Snow White Pixie Bob

A heavy side part will give the edgy “It” girl vibe to your short asymmetrical bob.

White Short Asymmetrical Pixie Bob
Image: @trishjamesinc

36. Bob with Swoopy Layers

Just because you are older doesn’t mean you can’t have a sassy shape. Swoopy layers seen here add lift and texture to fine hair over 60.

Sassy Bob for Fine Hair Over 60
Image: @thximenes

37. Blunt Bob for Short Fine Hair

Attached to your straight hair? Keep it simple but pretty with a refreshing warm-to-cool balayage color.

Straight Blunt Bob for Fine Hair
Image: @lindsay.alg

38. Soft Pixie with Undercut

Ready for something bold? Go for an undercut with a soft wavy top. This hairstyle will work for fine hair and round faces.

Undercut Pixie for Fine Wavy Hair
Image: @maygovintage

39. Soft Shortie

Another beach hairstyle you can bring with you into fall, this wavy shortie includes a hidden undercut.

Wavy Beach Blonde Bob
Image: @kearybladel

40. Golden Blonde Pixie Bob

Check this inspiring pixie bob for fine hair and round faces. Short hair looks its best when given a special color, so pick your favorite one and go for it!

Pixie Bob for Fine Hair and Round Faces
Image: @hairbycassandramarie

The bottom line is short hairstyles for fine hair aren’t in short supply. It’s all about experimenting and finding the one that works best for you!