You might think medium length hairstyles for thick hair are high maintenance and feature not much variety. But from chic bobs to effortless shags, the category has it all.

Next time you’re feeling stuck standing in front of the mirror wondering what to do with your hair, whip out this list for inspiration!

1. Vanilla Blonde Cut with Long Bangs

Here’s an easy, low-maintenance cut for thick hair with bangs. Make your hair smooth with an anti-frizz oil and never worry about fly-aways.

Low-Maintenance Medium Cut for Thick Hair
Image: @maxwellmathson

2. Choppy Brunette Bob with a Bang

Shoulder-length haircuts for thick hair look even better when given a long see-through bang. This shaggy bob is a piece of cake!

Choppy Bob with a Long Bang
Image: @brianaguilarhair

3. Wavy with a Middle Part

The wavy ‘do here is a perfect option if you have medium length thick hair. Part your mane down the middle and give it a subtle wave with a flat iron for a feminine touch.

Medium Length Thick Wavy Hairstyle
Image: @haley_marshall

4. Curls for a Round Face

A cute style like this curly shoulder-length cut for a round face is hard not to notice. Caramel waves on a dark base make it even prettier.

Medium Cut for a Round Face
Image: @ashdoescolor

5. Wavy Blonde Cut with Choppy Ends

Medium hairstyles for thick hair never go out of style. Go with shaggy waves for a night look. Toss them in a messy bun for the next busy morning.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs
Image: @stephengarrison

6. Asymmetrical Mid-Length Bob

Not into lengthy thick hair? Keep it on the shorter side and be cute with an asymmetrical mid length bob styled in sweet flirty curls.

Cute Mid-Length Bob with Curls
Image: @thehairstandard

7. Volume for Days

Thick frizzy hair takes us back to the 80s when perms were in and the texture was rockin. Play up the thickness of your hair with a sea salt spray or volumizing creme.

Medium Shag for Thick Frizzy Hair
Image: @anhcotran

8. Medium Thick Haircut with Color

Can’t rock your favorite shade of purple at the office? Try an exquisite shade of red or auburn on your thick hair with bangs to give your look a glow-up.

Medium Thick Auburn Hair with Bangs
Image: @hairbyolya

9. Mid-Length Cut with Gray Highlights

Medium length haircuts for thick hair look anything but boring when given a special color treatment.

Brown and Gray Lob Cut for Thick Hair
Image: @hairbynoora

10. Caramel Blonde Beachy Waves

For thick wavy hair, beachy waves are where it’s at. And when summer is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock those vibes at work!

Medium Thick Wavy Blonde Hair
Image: @melissazhair

11. Soft Face-Framing Hair

A mid length cut with soft face-framing pieces and a two-tone color is all you’ll need to prep for fall fashion.

Two-Tone Brunette Mid Length Cut
Image: @brianaguilarhair

12. Banged Razor Shag

Thick hair with bangs deserves a bold cut like this curly razored shag. Give the pin-up era a shout with Betty Boop-esque ringlets.

Razored Shag for Thick Hair
Image: @carlycutsmyhair

13. Short Textured Shag

Check out this short hairstyle for medium thick hair; it uses a deep side part and straight hair to play up the volume and balance out the face shape.

Bob Shag for Medium Thick Hair
Image: @singi.vo

14. Medium Jagged Shag with Bangs

Thick coarse hair doesn’t have to be difficult to work with. Give off major Salma Hayek vibes with this sexy wavy style featuring short jagged bangs.

Medium Shag for Thick Coarse Hair
Image: @salsalhair

15. Center-Parted Medium Layered Cut

A medium thick haircut with texture is universal. It’s gorgeous in downdos with loose waves and handy when you need to pull your hair back.

Medium Layered Cut for Thick Hair
Image: @hairbyamberjoy

16. Mid-Length Bob

A good short to medium hairstyle may be the best option for you if the look you’re going for is sophisticated, stylish, and sexy, like this shattered combover bob.

Mid-Length Combover Bob with Blonde Balayage
Image: @thximenes

17. Built-In Style

A great medium thick haircut option is this one with a side part and choppy ends. The balayage highlights do all the work so your style can remain low maintenance.

Low Maintenance Medium Thick Haircut
Image: @singi.vo

18. Simple yet Trendy

A mid length haircut for thick hair that doesn’t involve too much work to maintain is a goal of many active ladies with thick strands. A middle part and flipped ends are the subtle details that keep you trendy.

Simple Mid Length Haircut for Thick Hair
Image: @thehairstandard

19. Flirty and Thriving

Breathe some life back into your heavy hair with this cute mid length cut! Highlighted layers with waves work together for a carefree, playful style.

Cute Mid Length Cut with Layers
Image: @jamiekeikohair

20. Medium Layered Haircut

Update your medium thick hair with a choppy inverted cut and bright balayage highlights. This shattered bob is worth the highest level of praise.

Inverted Lob Haircut for Medium Thick Hair
Image: @kristen.lumiere

21. Sliced Cut with Loose Waves

The sliced ends and bright copper highlights keep this medium thick hair from being like everyone else’s. The loose waves and combover styling top it off.

Sliced Cut for Medium Thick Hair
Image: @marcomauad

22. Messy Lob with Curtain Bangs

Having thick hair with bangs doesn’t mean you need to keep it long. This above-the-shoulder style looks just as cute with soft curls, split bangs, and a middle part.

Cute Lob with Bangs for Thick Hair
Image: @drenushakolshi

23. Edgy Brunette Shag

The long face is framed perfectly with a medium layered haircut. If you want an edgy and low-maintenance hairstyle, it’s here.

Edgy Medium Layered Haircut
Image: @sarahkinglynch

24. Wavy Shag with Bangs

Curls and waves work their magic to create luscious texture for this bright mid length cut. The bangs play peek-a-boo and remain long enough to be pinned back.

Wavy Mid Length Shag
Image: @paige_legacygurnee

25. Long Messy Bangs

The new trend of curtain bangs is making its way around salons. Wear them with your medium layered haircut and throw in a bit of color for fun.

Medium Layered Haircut with Long Bangs
Image: @instamanda87

26. Hairstyle for Round Face

Do you have a round face? Bangs that graze the eyebrows paired with textured medium thick hair will help you frame and elongate it.

Textured Medium Hairstyle for a Round Face
Image: @salsalhair

27. Shiny Highlighted Curls

Want to keep your length but not sure what to do about the thickness? A sleek and smooth style with chunky waves is good for work and evenings out.

Medium Hair with Shiny Chunky Curls
Image: @southmarksouth

28. Balayage Highlights

Take a mid length bob from blah to bomb with balayage highlights. A mixture of subtly bent strands around the face and big, loose curls at the back creates va-va-volume.

Mid Length Blonde Balayage Bob
Image: @chelscaruso

29. Ginger Beauty

Gingers need love too! A simple style for medium thick hair is a blunt cut with a middle part. If crazy styles aren’t your thing, a low-maintenance cut like this is perfect.

Low-Maintenance Cut for Medium Thick Hair
Image: @hairbyamberjoy

30. Medium Cut with Swoopy Layers

Looking for an easy style you can take from day to night in a flash? This brunette beauty with highlights, subtle waves, and a side part has your name all over it.

Medium Brunette Hairstyle with Layers
Image: @theparlour_indo

31. Movie-Star Vibes

We have a feeling Eva Longoria would approve of this sensational style for medium thick hair. The balayage lightens up this beautiful oval face and the texture is to die for.

Medium Haircut for an Oval Face
Image: @rafaelbertolucci1

32. Low-Maintenance Cut

Treat your brunette hair with caramel highlights that’ll make your eyes pop. Scrunch the ends of your locks for added texture, making sure to keep the roots smooth.

Brunette Haircut with Caramel Highlights
Image: @hairbykarissa

33. Black Razored Shag

A cute flirty cut for fall is here to make your dreams come true. If you have thick hair with bangs, make a dramatic side part, but brush out bangs as usual.

Cute Shag with Bangs for Thick Hair
Image: @richiemiao

34. Wavy Mullet

Another low-maintenance cut requiring little time in front of the mirror in the morning. For thick hair with bangs, a good style to try is the mullet, especially if your hair is naturally wavy.

Low-Maintenance Mullet for Thick Wavy Hair
Image: @samkanehair

35. Sleek and Smooth

Medium length and a side part look their best when sleek and smooth. Wear it for work or play it up in the evening with a statement necklace or dangly earrings.

Sleek Stacked Lob for Thick Hair
Image: @ricardomorettivima

36. Blonde Bob

A cute blonde next door look is always a classic. Bobs for thick hair are easy to maintain because there’s not a lot of hair and the highlights mean the desired style is built-in.

Cute Blonde Bob for Thick Hair
Image: @traceysrocknhair

37. Pretty Up or Down

Need a lovely look for thick curly hair? Maybe all you need is a few highlights of dark red or caramel that’ll bring out your gorgeous eyes. Just wait till you see how cute this look is when pulled up in a pony.

Pretty Medium Cut for Thick Curly Hair
Image: @southmarksouth

38. Wavy and Choppy Lengths

Stuck with thick frizzy hair? Get a smooth serum or hair oil and make it your best friend. Then go for a medium layered haircut that shows off choppy ends and a midshaft bent.

Medium Layered Choppy Haircut
Image: @itgirlhairsalon

39. Platinum Mid-Length Bob

Who doesn’t love platinum? The straight pieces build a flexible shape and the platinum pops against the perky pink lip.

Straight Platinum Bob
Image: @arcscissors

40. Straight Angled Cut for Medium Thick Hair

This steeply angled bob with a slim silhouette is an eye catcher. If you have straight thick hair, go for it!

Steeply Angled Bob for Thick Hair
Image: @hairbyedwin

Now you see how versatile medium haircuts for thick hair can be. Your hairstylist will help you adjust the look you like to your face shape and hair type. Have a beautiful makeover!